SwiftKey which is very popular keyboard app in Android arrives on App Store today. The App is available for iPhone , iPad and iPod. This is a standalone app, means it cannot be assigned as a default keyboard. Apple doesn’t allow third party developers to make keyboard for iOS. So this app will be standalone rather than system wide.

The App has many features like auto text prediction, auto correction and Evernote sync. When you use the app it smartly reads your sentence and auto predicts what should be next character. It also learn from itself. There are various language options available, on which prediction can be seen.
In the image above you can see that, the app predicts the sentence. The App adds a layer of prediction over the virtual keyboard. On this extra layer, predictions are shown.

The app auto learn from user,the more user write the more it predicts correctly. App reads user input and predicts the correct word. The image above, there is an example in which wants to visit his mom. Before 6 months his mom reside in Phoenix so app suggest that. Later his mom live in Chicago so app suggest Chicago as prediction. SwiftKey calls this is a magical prediction technology.

TouchType, the company which made SwiftKey last year announced that it will make keyboard for iOS if apple opens up keyboard API, but apple didn’t opened the API so the developer made an standalone app by which user can make notes from app and paste it anywhere they want to use it. Now the app has hit the App Store and brings many handful of features.

SwiftKey also provides formatting options, swiping from left to right on prediction row then it brings formatting options like Bold, italic, underline and more.

SwiftKey also bring Evernote sync options. The app sync nots from user account. User can also manage notes. Swiftkey also learns from users notes available from Evernote account.

SwiftKey note is available for Free on App Store and is compatible with iPhone. IPad and iPod Touch running iOS 6 or later. But is currently available to iOS 7 users only. What do you thing about this app?