Many of us are in the habit of taking our smartphones to bathrooms. Now just imagine your mobile just caught running water of shower or bathroom tap. What can you do now? Well, earlier this was a big problem. Thanks to modern discovery. We do not need to worry about such factors anymore. We have some of the best Waterproof Smartphone ranges with us. The waterproof rating can be checked as per rating 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,6k,8 and 9k ratings respectively. Let us go through this article a bit more.

Here, we will cover Smartphone ranges that are waterproof, or at least water-resistant. There is a slight analogy between the two terms. Water-resistant provides give us the liberty to stay safe even when a few droplets of water have dropped accidentally onto it. If you can recover the phone within thirty-forty minutes, you can expect it to function again. Gizmos Report is the best Platform to get the best update about The Smartphones and Technology News.

Let us have a brief idea about the top ten best waterproof smartphones:

Brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Sony leave “no stone unturned” to get more and more efficient in utility. Such phones designed, that we do not have to have to rush to the service center if our phone gets wet while we have ourselves got wet on a rainy day on the road. There are many reasons to select Waterproof Smartphones over all others.

Top ten brands of waterproof/water resistant smartphones:

Samsung galaxy 10 series:

Galaxy 10 series noted for its special capabilities to protect the phone from water. The specialty is mainly due to the snapdragon 855 processor. Not just this, you can avail of all other features that you expect from any Smartphone at the same price there is a triple camera, well-enhanced screen and sound battery life of 4300 MAH. Few brands can offer so much as against then same pricing. Out of all other features, we can safely carry this brand to the kitchen, bathroom, near the swimming pool area and anywhere else without having to fear water being drop on our phone.

Huawei P30Pro:

Since this article is about water-resistant phones, let is quickly jump into the feature first. Huawei offers excellent water-resistant facility and it is one of the rare phones that comes up under the complete Waterproof Smartphone category.” If you are lucky enough, you will get to buy it one near your nearest Smartphone showroom. The brand is qualitative and all of us would want to buy it. You even get a battery of 4200 MAH and around ten hours of screen time upon use.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series: 

Samsung Galaxy S10

Another representative of Samsung is the S10 series. It cannot only keep you assured about water but dust too. The best part is that you get a two-front camera on a single phone. It is good news for gadget lovers like us. You can even avail of a fingerprint scanner if you want.

Sony Xperia 1 and 5:

Sony offers a water-resistant facility along with a full HD+ display that is well suited for our jobs and other utilities. We can avail expandable storage if we have a lot of things to store on our phone. We do not even need to worry about all information is deleted if our phone is dropped into some water source. There is a 6 GB RAM with a snapdragon processor.

Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL:

Another phone next to Huawei is the Google pixel brand. You will get full advantage of a Waterproof Smartphone by buying this phone. It is quite convenient and scan retains data even after thirsty minutes of saying immersed in any water accidentally. There is a good night sight feature inbuilt in the phone. If you want to catch this kind of updates and latest News about Technology Keep Touch with The Tech Theories.

Razer Phone 2:

The Razer brand is common only in a few passwords of the world. It can stand up to 3 feet height after immersing in some water source at any time. If you are okay with all the other features that this brand offers, then you can decide to buy it. It offers a vapor chamber cooling system as well. If you are a game freak, then you can play many games upon buying this phone. The phone will even not cost you much, so that is again a reason why you may prefer to buy this Smartphone. It is an entity between all other Waterproof or water-resistant Smartphone series.

Huawei mate 20 PRO:

The Huawei brand comes with an IP68 rating, in terms of the protection it offers from water. Apart from this, if you want to know about any other notable feature, and then we will mention the 3D face recognition facility. For many users, it is satisfactory and you may consider buying it. We leave the final decision upon you.

LG G8X ThinQ:

If you are in search of an IP68 rating, then it is a brand we can suggest to you. Check out for the LG G8X series in a showroom near you. First, it will provide your phone protection against water. Apart from that, we can be confident about an excellent audio facility that we guarantee you. LG phones require the right kind of use and it is very handy. Do not fear to get wet in the next monsoon rain with your phone in your pocket. We assure you to keep your eyes closed and mind satisfied. Your phone will not be harmful.

Apple iPhone XS:

If the budget is not a problem for you, then we suggest you about apple i-phone XS. There is an OLED screen for you and dual camera to meet all your picture-clicking requirements at anywhere, anytime. You can step into a swimming pool, get your swimming moment clicked, and upload in your social media website profile within a few seconds. Do not worry about water droplets.

Apple iPhone XR:

Another entity in this list is apple XR. There’s a 6.1 display and it is cheaper than the XS category for you. You can avail the features without having to pay much for it.

Read across this article before you decide to buy the best Waterproof/ water-resistant Smartphone for you. We hope it would help you make a smart ch