Creating mockups is a key element of website design. This stage is used to determine the layout of individual elements on individual pages of the website – graphic elements, navigation, functional modules.

Preparation of mock-ups is preceded by an in-depth analysis that allows to get to know the background of the project. Depending on the allocated expenditure on activities, design work can be supported by quantitative and benchmarking analyzes, with the help of which we can design a product adapted to the behavior and requirements of the target group. An inseparable part of the work related to the design are workshops with the client, during which business goals and preferences are defined, observations and conclusions from analyzes, priorities are discussed, and common ideas and solutions are developed.

Preparing mock-ups allows you to save time and avoid additional work in the next stages – e.g. during graphic design. In contrast, prototyping is the process of creating a test website, containing navigation and some of the functionality of the target website – in order to present or test them before giving them the final look.

More and more often, all work on creating a website or application starts with making mock-ups. After the success of Filmora, Wondershare has brought an amazing online design collaborating tool that allows you and other members to work on a project as a team. Wondershare Mockitt is a very useful solution that allows you to design a website or application in such a way that it is easy to navigate and perfectly composed in terms of the arrangement of functional modules or graphic elements. Wondershare Mockiit allows you to save a lot of time during the next stages of website and app creation. Of course, the project can be created in a traditional way on paper, but why, if we can easily find the right online product prototyping and collaboration platform that will facilitate the creation of a page or application mock-up.

Wondershare presents this amazing online tool to collaborate with team members from distant locations on the same project in real time. The Slogan “Design and Prototype as a team” speaks it all.

Now let’s have a look the features of Wondershare Mockitt

  1. Prototyping

Prototyping is one of the more effective visual analytical techniques used for harvesting confirming user needs through the iterative process of creating a model or design of a requirement. It is also used to optimize user experience, to evaluate various design options and as a basis for final solution development.

With the help of Mockitt, you can design interactive and animated prototypes for any device no matter if you are working o a website or Make an app. Through this online prototyping tool, you can bring your ideas come to reality and improve your clients’ experience. Your creative mind and Wondershare Mockiit can make the best pair.

  1. Libraries

Make fully interactive and responsive designs with the abundance of assets and templates of Wondershare Mockitt. Project templates are designed to help the user remember the formatting of objects for frequently repeated work. Of course, you can also save them in project files, but the project template over the project has the advantage that it is saved in a place that is always accessible. You can add widgets, clip arts, logos, icons and other assets to make the design more functional and good looking. You can create and reuse your own library assets and images from your device.

  1. Collaboration

Now collaborate with your team members on a same project using Wodershare Mockitt. Systems supporting cooperation between team members enable not only real-time contact, but also – they collect and store all information in one place. Allow others to observe and comment on your designs to improve and modify them in the real time. Mockitt allows you to increase the efficiency of activities, as well as save time spent, among others for introducing new employees or searching for information. One of the important elements of teamwork is informal discussions and knowledge exchange. Transferring them to a system where they are easily available on a regular basis and stored, greatly facilitates their subsequent access and allows you to fully use the experience of employees. The ability to sort information according to your preferences may be a facilitation for both everyday work and project or team management.

  1. Efficient Presentation and review

Wondershare Mockitt allows you to create groups or workspaces, and you can switch between views with one click. This helps to organize the work and adapt the way information is arranged for a specific person. While new information is available on the main timeline, Design view brings it together in one place. Mockiit also enables interaction between users, not only through active discussions, but also the ability to respond to posts. In order to build a competitive advantage, it is worth making full use of the knowledge that employees have, also informal, which can be very helpful.

After creating the mockup, you can share it with the clients before making it final product or design, so that if there any changes needed to be done, you can do it immediately. With specially made Device-border and full screen presentation modes, you can present your design among the clients. You can frame your mockup design with the device shell to simulate a real time interactive experience. You can eve highlight your product proposal with the black and white full screen demonstration mode.

Unfortunately if one can not communicate in real time then you can share your prototype mockup design via a QR code with him so that they he can view your design at anytime. For security and privacy reasons you can even set passwords and allow permissions on the design.

Receive comments of your team members or client in real time to make improvements and changes in your mockup design accordingly. Getting feedback from the clients encourage designers to be more productive and creative to enhance the user experience.

Offline demonstration is also added in the Wondershare mockitt. You can download the HTML of your design with one click and demonstrate the design smoothly thereafter without having an internet connection.