Hey there! So, phones these days are definitely tougher than they used to be. But, you know, accidents happen. If you want to keep your phone looking sleek and scratch-free, a solid phone case is still a must-have. Whether you’re into fun colors, cool designs, or some extra nifty features, we’ve got some top picks for both iPhone and Android enthusiasts. Let’s dive in!

Best Overall

OtterBox Symmetry for MagSafe

Ever dropped your phone? Same. OtterBox has been saving our butts since ’98. Their DROP+ certification means their cases are legit drop-proof. The Symmetry for MagSafe? It’s like the hardcore Otterbox Defender but without making your phone feel like a brick. It’s sleek, fits in your pocket, and works with most new phones. Plus, it’s MagSafe-ready! If you’re into late-night scrolling, the Otter + Pop iPhone case with a PopSocket is also a win.

Compatible with: Mostly iPhones, Google Pixels, and the Samsung Galaxy gang.

Best Clear Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

This case is easy on the wallet and lets your phone’s beauty shine through and readily available on purrspectiveboutique.com. Great for iPhones, but Android users aren’t left out. Want a clear case with a pop of color? They’ve got it. Hate when clear cases turn yellow? No worries, they’ve thought of that too.

Best For Style


You’ve probably seen these around. CaseFace is all about style with tons of trendy designs. But it’s not just a pretty face – these cases can take a hit. They’re solid for everyday wear and tear, but if you’re a bit clumsy, maybe check out their beefier options.

Best For Water Adventures

LifeProof FRĒ Series

Terrified of dropping your phone in water? The FRĒ case has got your back. It’s a champ against water, dirt, snow, and, yeah, the floor. One of our testers said it’s the best they’ve tried. Our test showed it can chill underwater for an hour and come out fine. It’s a bit chunky for some, but if you’re outdoorsy or just super accident-prone, it’s a top pick.