According to a digital nomad blog, one of the best lifestyles for anyone who loves traveling is being a digital nomad. This new way of living, working online as a blogger, programmer, or teacher and living in different cities and countries, has become more popular than ever. With many companies going fully remote, and airfares being cheaper than ever, it’s possible to make a good salary while working from a cafe in Bali. But even with this lifestyle being amazing, it has its drawbacks. Especially if you’re overworking yourself or traveling so much that you’re disorganized, you’ll end up not being very productive. That’s a huge problem for a digital nomad because you need to be able to work without the incentive of going to an actual office every day.

Luckily, there are some great productivity apps out there, which you can use to stay on track. In the same way that free video editor software helps a YouTube vlogger (some paid options here) be successful, these apps will help you.

1. Trello

If you run your own digital nomad business, or you’re a freelancer working for a variety of clients, you need to be as organized as possible. Otherwise, once you’re juggling more than two or three projects, it’s easy to forget to send an important email or make time for every task. That’s why Trello is such a great tool. According to Wifi Tribe, “Trello is a project management application that tracks everything – from big picture projects to the minute details of an intricate plan. Trello allows you to organize your projects into boards, creating individual cards for each element that you can then sort into lists depending on the topic or how far along you are in your project.”

Depending on your needs, this app can cost anywhere between nothing and just over $20 a month, so it’s worth it.

2. Evernote

Another great app is Evernote. This is the modern version of a pen and paper pad. If you’re a person who’s constantly coming up with digital marketing ideas for clients or writing blog posts, then you need Evernote. That way, if you’re away from your laptop, you can still keep track of ideas. Evernote on your phone and your laptop are connected, so once you’ve sat back down at your favorite cafe or coworking space, you can immediately implement your notes. You can also save web pages, photos, emails, and more so that you have access to it later.

43 percent of digital nomads noted flexibility as being the best benefit of their lifestyle, and using this app will help you make flexibility work for you.

3. Workfrom

One of the hardest things about being a digital nomad is not being able to find a place to work. Especially if you work in coffee shops or bars instead of coworking spaces, you need to find one near your hostel that doesn’t play music too loud and has reliable wifi. That’s why Workfrom is such an awesome app. You can find reviews of cafes by actual digital nomads, with advice about everything, from the best tables to menu recommendations. Considering that 70 percent of all workers telecommute, you’re sure to find some great advice.

4. Focus@will

If you travel a lot as a digital nomad, working on the go, you know how distracting it can be to end up working sitting down on the floor outside an airport gate, or in a hostel where everyone around you is drinking. And even if you have a great Spotify playlist you listen to when you work, sometimes you need something extra to help you focus. That’s where Focus@will comes in. This app has white noise tracks and calming music so that, no matter where you are, you can get your work done.

5. Headspace

If you’re one of those people who gets easily stressed when you’ve got too much work on your plate, then Headspace is the perfect app for you, with meditation and mindfulness. This is especially useful if you’ve just moved to a new country and you’re experiencing culture shock, or you’ve just started living the digital nomad lifestyle (which can get a little lonely). Considering that 66 percent of respondents in a survey lost sleep due to work-related stress, it’s no surprise that this app exists.

6. WHA

As a digital nomad, a lot of your work is completed online. That’s why an app like WHA is so useful: it helps you find places that have wifi whatever city you’re visiting. That way, instead of asking at your hostel or wasting time Googling the info, you can set straight for a cafe or bar that’s got the connection you need. Almost half of all digital nomads surveyed said they travel to a new location every few months, which explains the fact that this app is so necessary.

These are some of the best productivity apps out there for digital nomads. Do you recommend any?