PDF files are becoming more and more popular as a reading format on our computer, although editing is not an easy task as it requires special software to do so. Therefore, today we move on to the best programs we can find for editing our PDF files, both images and text, covering all potential needs.

PDFs are portable document files that were originally developed by Adobe Systems in 1993 and later released as an open standard. Thanks to this file format we can represent all types of documents on our computer, being compatible with Windows operating system, Mac OS and Linux.

The Best PDF Editing Programs

There are many good PDF editors for editing PDF files on the market today, they allow you to quickly edit files and sometimes also interfere with the page layout.

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a simple yet powerful PDF editor with which we can easily and quickly manage and edit our PDF files, both images and texts. In addition, it will allow us to convert PDFs and password protect them, create annotations, add watermarks, add numbers to each page, as well as merge different documents.

SwifDoo PDF can be used for free online by accessing its website and with which we can perform the most basic converting options. It also has a Premium version that we can download to our computer for free and which contains many more options than the online converter tools.

The program also allows you to:

  • Combining PDF files into one
  • Adding images
  • Direct changes in the text
  • Highlighting PDFs
  • Adding annotations
  • Applying a watermark

Thanks to SwifDoo PDF,file handling becomes much more accessible. It allows you to directly edit the processed PDF document. Its operation is very similar to Microsoft Office, so it should not be complicated for people who use a Windows computer on a daily basis.

Adobe Acrobat

Perhaps we are in front of the most popular PDF viewer and editor, it was not in vain that it was a forerunner when it comes to PDF files. With this application we can edit PDF files by changing text and images in a simple way.

With full-page editing, paragraphs automatically adjust as you add text, lines, and bullet lists in the editor. We can also add, replace, move or resize images on the page using options from the Objects list.


Smallpdf is a PDF editor with which we can edit files online from any browser.

With it we will be able to compress, convert, combine, edit and sign PDF documents quickly and easily thanks to its minimalist interface. The tool runs 100% in the cloud, so the editor can be accessed from anywhere and it does not consume any resources from our computer. Just drag and drop your PDF file to add images, text or draw on it.

Both the website and file transfer have SSL encryption, keeping our data safe.


With this free, free and cross-platform tool, we can easily edit our PDF files. This way we can easily divide, combine, extract pages and rotate documents. One of the most striking features is the ability to both combine and separate different documents, as well as flip pages to create different file compositions.

It also has a mix of PDF files which allows us to combine two or more files by taking alternating pages from each input file, both in direct and reverse order, which is ideal for simplex scanning.


It is a free and open vector graphics editor compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, with which it is also possible to edit PDF files via the Import text as text function. In this way, it allows us to have a wide range of colors, export options and the addition of text and images.

We will also have rotation options. Even though it is not a tool specifically made for editing PDF files, it does get the extra work done. When we are finished, we can export it again as a PDF file.

Final Words

It is important that the use of all tools is very intuitive, logical and comfortable. The programs’ interfaces are simple and clear.


Many users are looking for the best free PDF editing program. This is due to the fact that PDF files are now widely used in the business sphere, including in documentation. However, a reliable PDF editing program such as SwifDoo PDF makes the entire process much more easier than ever before.


Are you looking for a program that will allow you to easily change a document in PDF format? In this post, we have presented a list of the best PDF editors that are supported especially by Windows operating system.