More than half of the world’s population carries out their digital activities with the use of smartphones. On average, people spend about 5 hours daily on their smartphones. And it’s not just about social media or youtube videos, there are so many other activities being done online with smartphones. This makes it necessary for every serious business that wants to catch the attention of people to offer a mobile compatible website.

Many top businesses are already doing this. They are creating platforms that enable their customers to request and use their services on mobile. The iGaming industry also must not be left out. The only way to reach out to people with more games is to make them available on mobile platforms. Here are a few more important reasons online casinos must be compatible with mobile devices.

Mobile traffic is on the rise

The availability of cheaper smartphones and mobile devices has increased across the world. Almost everyone including gamers has smartphones and takes it around with them daily. As of 2017, the number of smartphone users worldwide had exceeded 2.3 billion. Today, more than 66.50% of the world’s population uses a mobile device. India is also predicted to have over 440 million smartphone users by 2021.

Since more than half of the total web traffic is from smartphones, mobile optimization of online casinos is a must. Gamblers must have a good experience when they visit the casinos with mobile and must be able to enjoy gaming without glitches.

5G is coming soon

Over 59% of the world is already making use of the internet. But with faster network like 5G coming soon, internet activities are bound to increase. Online casinos must be prepared for this. The 5G network will make gaming faster and more engaging. Players who also love playing live casinos will be able to stream smoothly and enjoy every part of the game.

Many around the world also believe that the introduction of 5G will pave the way for better use of VR in online casino gaming. This will even make mobile gaming experience more realistic. 5G also promises to burn up less power, so gamblers can enjoy games for a long time even without a large battery capacity.

Be more competitive

Many casino sites are already making mobile compatible sites. online casinos that are yet to be available on mobile are lagging. Regardless of what bonuses or special offers featured at a casino, many players will never sign up if the site is not compatible with mobile or if it does not offer an app. So any online casino that wants to maintain relevance and outdo competitors in the industry today must make an excellent mobile platform available to players.

Mobile compatibility also makes websites more visible and gives the ability to reach more audiences. Users playing on a casino site with a mobile device will find it easier to share the links on social media pages and chats with their friends.

Mobile-friendliness also helps websites rank better on Google. And the more a website appears high in search engine results, the higher the amounts of traffic, leads, and conversion.

Casino sites that have done it right

So many casinos are already getting it right. A great example is Betway. This casino offers both sports betting and casino games that are 100% mobile friendly thanks to their integrated HTML5 feature. But that’s not all, Betway also offer a downloadable app where you can play all casino games and bet on all sports events directly on the app, making the mobile experience even more great

Another example is 10Cric. They offer a casino app where you can play over 1300 casino games.

So far no other casino has been able to outcompete these two in terms of mobile experience.