Software development teams are facing several building, deployment and management challenges in the new year. The most common challenges for developers stem from the rapid change taking place in the industry. As a software developer, you are well aware of how quickly tools and practices change from “new and innovative” to completely obsolete. While this industry progress can be frustrating, it is your duty to overcome problems as they arise and re-take control of your development environment. Read this post to learn the most common challenges developers are facing in 2020.

Leveraging New Technologies

Of course, leveraging new technologies is a major challenge that developers are facing this year. If you have spent years utilizing the same tools and software solutions, changing to a new system can disrupt your workflow significantly. This is particularly true when the new technologies offer more complex functions and integrations. The complex nature of updated software makes it difficult for developers to generate code, test code and implement modifications. Certainly, this results in developers using their personal time to try to learn how new technologies work. When hiring a software development agency you need to check that they’re working with the newest technology and languages that are going to last for many years to come. Developers are currently struggling to leverage new technologies in 2020.

Securing Applications

Additionally, several developers are struggling to secure their applications. As new technologies emerge in 2020, hackers obtain new gateways into development programs. These new gateways are a leading cause of security breaches throughout businesses. For example, if you are creating more storage containers by using a Docker registry, there are more access points for hackers. You can keep your images safe by using the best third-party security tools on the market or invest in PCI secure development to keep the application safe. The most effective security solutions offer extensive API support and dev-to-production security controls. These features keep unauthorized users out of your containers. Use such solutions to face this developer challenge head-on in 2020.

Debugging Programs

Another critical challenge that developers are facing this year is debugging programs. Even the best modern developers are struggling to debug their well-written codes without falling behind schedule. Between fixing grammar on error messages and solving hitches in user experience, debugging programs can take just as long as creating them. Therefore, the process of debugging is drastically hindering developers’ workflows. Many developers are even struggling to meet expectations because of debugging challenges. Fortunately, you can solve this issue by reproducing the error. If you can recreate the bug, you can better understand it and determine the best way to fix it quickly. This is a great solution to the debugging challenge that is impacting developers in 2020.

Collaborating With Teams

Collaboration is also becoming increasingly difficult for developers in 2020. Teams are shifting from working together in-person to only using the internet to communicate. This limits your ability to express concern and explain issues as they occur. More so, team members lose the sense of urgency that they had when in-person collaboration was the norm. This negatively impacts deployment times and program accuracy. Thus, it is crucial that you make an effort to communicate with your team in-person. Schedule office meetings a few times throughout the course of each project to ensure that you are all on the same page. Focus on navigating this collaboration challenge to succeed this year.

Understanding Projects

Finally, developers are struggling to understand user preferences. Online communication tools are hindering developers’ abilities to comprehend users’ project details. If you cannot communicate with your team to discuss a project and you cannot interact with the consumer, your resources are limited. Many developers end up producing applications that do not even come close to meeting user expectations. As a result, they are forced to return to the drawing board and re-create the same project. Of course, this negatively impacts your ability to complete projects on time. Keep this development challenge in mind as you prepare for the new year.

While 2020 can be a year for growth, it is also a year full of software development challenges. As a software developer, you need to be aware that leveraging new technologies can be difficult due to complex integrations and functions. Debugging programs is also a common challenge among development teams because the process can take days to complete. Moreover, securing applications is becoming more difficult as new technologies emerge and offer hackers more access points. These new tools are also making collaboration a difficult task for developers as online communication dominates the field. Lastly, developers are struggling to understand user preferences through online communication solutions. This makes meeting expectations nearly impossible. Keep these common challenges that developers are facing in mind to optimize your processes in 2020.