If you’re a fan or collector of watches, you probably already know the Swatch Group. If you don’t allow us to give you a brief history of who they are. It all started when Nicolas G. Hayek, a Swiss businessman, pulled Swiss watch companies Allgemeine Schweizerische Uhrenindustrie (ASUAG) and Societe Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogere (SSIH) from the quicksand. Both companies were struggling desperately so Hayek merged them and help them recover from the economic crisis. In 1998, this union called The Swatch Group was formed and headed by Hayek. The group continued to expand. Not only did they sell premium watches, but they also helped their fellow citizens over the economic crisis by giving them jobs.

The Swatch Group is now composed of 18 brands and companies. They continue to create pieces inspired by Swiss craftsmanship, culture, and tradition. Their vision to share the talents of Switzerland and reach other people goes on and lives on. Today, Swatch Group has become the home of the most renowned jewelry and luxury watch brands. From a group that struggled to survive to the world’s largest watch producer. Here are some brands in the group that you might know of.

1. Tissot

Tissot is a luxury watch brand that exports more than 4 million watches- in just one year! This company produced the first pocket watch with two time zones and the first anti-magnetic watch. They were also the first to create wristwatches out of plastic, stone, pearl, and wood. Talk about creativity! Tissot watches the best mid-range watch brand because of the premium features and design for the relatively lower price. If you’re looking for a quality watch, The Tissot T-Touch, Tissot Le Locle, and Tissot T-Race are their leading products. But feel free to check out their collections to find the wristwatch that suits you the most!

2. Calvin Klein

Yup, you read that right. In 1997, Calvin Klein collaborated with the Swatch Group to create the CK watches that now have over 200 models. This allowed the Swatch Group to expand in America and reach more people. Their designs are simple, minimalistic, and modern yet endless, which often targets the youth. Although the company is from America, they proudly flex their swiss-made watches and give credit to whom credit is due.

3. Flik Flak

The Swiss watch for kids is their punchline, and Flik Flak is their name. Flik Flak watches are designed specifically for children. To maximize the design and functionality of their watches, Flik Flak collaborated with teachers to add features a child would need. Some watches have children’s favorite cartoon characters like Elsa and Spiderman. And guess what! They have an app too. The app teaches kids to read time in a fun and playful manner. It’s a great way to educate and entertain children.

4. Hamilton

Like Calvin Klein, Hamilton is an American company that came together with The Swatch Group to make Swiss watches. They claim to have the “American spirit with true Swiss precision.” After the first World War, wristwatches were becoming more popular than the usual pocket watches, and Hamilton was the first to manufacture wristwatches for railroad workers. The wristwatches became famous because of their accuracy. They were the first to develop an electric watch which was worn by the legend, Elvis Presley, as well as the first LED digital watch. Today, they develop accurate and beautiful quartz watches and digital watches that are worn by many people around the world.

5. Mido

This company’s name came from the Spanish word “yo Mido”, which means “I measure.” This word reflects the philosophy and source of inspiration of their watches: architecture. Architectural designs combined with new technology make these timepieces precise. One of their most intelligent designs was the Aquadura sealing, where they used a winding crown and a cork gasket to make a waterproof watch. They were also the first to make an antimagnetic, automatic, waterproof, and shockproof watch. A lot of thought and intelligence is put into the wristwatches, which reflects in their designs.

6. Omega SA

By now, Omega SA is probably a household name. The company that pioneered watchmaking in Switzerland is one of today’s greatest timekeeper makers. Their collections have not only caught the eyes of famous people like Daniel Craig (and his equally famous character James Bond) and former president John F. Kennedy but the eyes of the masses as well. Their watches are out of the world- literally! The Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph was the first watch on the moon. At present, the wristwatches are so popular that some people have received Omega watches in place of engagement rings!

7. Harry Winston

Speaking of rings, Harry Winston is a jewelry and watch company named after Harry Winston, a great gemologist who was dubbed as the “King of Diamonds.” Inspired by the intricate designs of precious stones, Mr. Winston made watches and jewelry that left anyone who saw that in awe. Because of his works, the Harry Winston company is now one of the most prestigious jewelry manufacturers in the modern world. Having a Harry Winston watch is having a timekeeper and a stunning bracelet in one accessory. Their special pieces are perfect for your special friends and family or even for getting on one knee and asking that special person to say yes.

8. Breguet

What makes Breguet exceptional and different from the other brands in the way they incorporate culture and history in their designs. Their horology allows history to go beyond their time and be part of the contemporary world. Queen Marie Antionette, Napoleon Bonaparte, and King Louis XVI were some of the early people who loved the designs of Breguet. The market and fame of Breguet have expanded since joining the Swatch Group, and they are now known as the company where culture and innovation meet.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking for a watch that suits your style, The Swatch Group has lots to offer. The range of their brands and designs might be overwhelming but once you find the one, it will be worth it. The Swatch Group is known for its quality, precision, and aesthetics so the next time you watch shop, you know where to go: the home of luxury.