As each day passes, we are moving ever closer to the singularity, the day when humans merge with digital tech; AI is a major player across all tech sectors and with unlimited potential, who knows where it will all end?

Here are the top 5 tech sectors that are set to change the world.

  1. Blockchain – Talk to any blockchain developer and you’ll be inspired; this open-ledger system of data storage can be applied in so many ways. Bitcoin runs on blockchain, as do other crypto currencies, and there is a rosy future for top-rated blockchain developers, as this new technology gains momentum. 
  2. Machine learning – AI is stealing the show at the moment and if you are looking for a good investment, buy some shares in a machine learning startup and who knows? You might hit the jackpot! Machine learning is not new; in 2016, a tech company by the name of Deep Minds created a super-computer called AlphaGo that beat the world champion Go player by 4 games to 1. Go is the most complex board game there is and for a computer to beat the best player is a real achievement.
  3. App development – Every business should invest in a mobile app, which brings many benefits; approach a leading provider of app development in Melbourne and see what they have to say. When you design your own mobile app, the developer works closely with you to create your concept and let’s not forget that an app is in constant evolution, much like a website. If you love to write code and you are looking for a challenging career, become a front or back-end developer and join a booming sector. If you run a small business, designing your own app offers a whole host of benefits; you can deliver rich promotional content directly to your customers’ screens. Here are a few good reasons to create your own mobile app.
  4. Robotics – This has been a booming sector for at least 10 years and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. The manufacturing industry is gradually turning into an automated solution and like other tech sectors, the robotics industry is moving forward at an alarming rate. If you have stock in companies that are under-performing, now is a good time to look for small robotics outfits and consider buying shares.
  5. Extended Reality – This encompasses virtual, augmented and mixed realities; some would say that we will all be living in a metaverse, VR headsets are becoming more complex, with the ability to deliver 4k content. Once we have the Internet of Things, you can expect data transfer speeds to increase exponentially and that will have a positive impact on extended reality.

This is an exciting time to be alive, with so many tech sectors springing up and if you are looking to move some of your wealth out of risky markets into something with potential, take a look at the above industries and invest in the future.