The ever dynamic SEO industry is governed by every update Google rolls out. Now, considering over 200 factors to rank results in searches, search engine optimizers are evolving to keep up the pace.

Here are the top trending practices that every SEO professional needs to know in 2019:

  • The Content Still Holds Top Position

Content has always been the top priority for Google and its users. Google pays a lot of heed to the content details such as originality of the content, length of the content, and the benefits it offers to the readers. While creating your content, Ashley from suggests that

you should keep the intention of the user behind the search. Including the intentional keywords drive better results than stuffing the highly competitive ordinary keywords.

  • Link Building is Essential To Gain Ranks

Links act as votes for your content. As such, gaining links is not that easy, unless you are recognized as highly expert on the subject. Alternatively, you can reach out to influencer bloggers within your niche and ask them to link their blog to your content. Moreover, links bring in authority and valuable referral traffic to your website. Most importantly, you need both of these signals to improve the ranking of your website in the SERPs.

  • More Emphasis Is Being Laid On Voice Search

According to a survey, voice search would overrule the conventional typographic search by 2025. More and more SEO professionals are looking forward to optimizing their website in accordance with the voice-based search. If you are also trying to optimize your content as per the voice search, you need to understand that most of the searches are in a question-answer format. In other words, think of the questions that your target user may search and intelligently include them within your content, along with relevant answers to the question.

  • Local Businesses Can Now Rank Better Within The Region

Another service that has been gaining popularity since Google first rolled out Pigeon update, is local SEO. Focused at specifically delivering the local querries, Pigeon changed the way, local businesses operate. You can list your business in local directories, while maintaining NAP consistency, to gain higher ranks in local search results.

  • Guest Post Is Natural White Hat SEO Practice

Since Google considers purchasing links as unethical, a more natural approach has emerged. Guest Posting in the most simple terms is creating and publishing quality content on websites other than yours. Additionally, writers and guest bloggers can seek a backlink to their website in the form of contextual links embedded in the content. OutreachMonks Guest Post services offer relevant influencers within your niche and leverage their authority and traffic to improve your website’s SEO. The blogging community can influence a sizable audience to make a purchase of your product or service.

White hat SEO practices are gaining more and more value. Most of these practices are owed to the updates rolled out by Google since its introduction. Practicing these latest trends is in compliance with Google updates and bring in the desired results for your website.