People are going crazy upon the SD Led Display as it gives a stylish look and has also taken the experience of watching the screen to a whole new level. It provides a broader glimpse of everything and immense HD clarity. LED requires less space for installation, and direct light emissions of diodes create the pictures. These are retro illuminated by LEDs into LCD monitors and can be installed without any extra protection. These features make it the best to be installed outdoors for advertising purposes. Being dust-free, waterproof, and easily visible under the sun are some added advantages. There is a lot of flexibility in size as one can go with 2mm small to hundreds of square meters. LEDs can be shaped in a curved or square shape depending upon the usage. It is powered by high-quality components that can produce a palette of colors at an unmatchable rate with extraordinary brightness for outdoor and indoor. It can go up to 10.000 NIT and is dimmable to 225 levels. It has an incredible lifetime of 24*7 usage up to 11 years. In this article, we will see some of the practical applications of 3D Led display.

3D billboard

The first on our list is the 3D billboard which has changed the concept of advertising. It gently absorbs into people day to day life and makes them think differently about the brand. The dramatic visuals and pop-up techniques have gained a lot of popularity for outdoor advertising. Nowadays, these can even be seen on bus shelters, and vehicle wraps to create a unique form of advertising. The 3D ads act as an extra punch to grab attention, and the graphic makes you feel like almost reaching out there. It makes the audience feel like they are part of it and gives a more explicit message by improving the information and image retention rate. It also becomes more affordable as one doesn’t need to use the extra attached pieces like in billboard canvas.

The usage of props and other glass metal frames can make it more engaging for the commuters to explore. The bus wraps include 3D vinyl or digital magic, which grip the ones boarding the bus or passing by. The data shows about a 107% increase in the sale of mobiles after using the mobile billboards compared to the static ones, which makes it a great way of promoting products. The main element is placed at the top, making it look like presenting the ad on its shoulders. They are also used for unconventional tactics by using 3D bold messages. Thus, the consumers get an idea of how a product looks in real life.


There isn’t much difference amongst the one stated above, but these 3D TVs have provided the users with theater hall experiences. The users do not need to hustle while booking the tickets for their favorite show when they can comfortably enjoy it at their homes. It not only saves time but cuts down lots of costs incurred. In addition, it provides superb sound quality and pictures by giving a more advanced experience.


This was all about the application of 3D LED displays. With the advancement in technology, there would be much more coming into it. This could not have been imagined to happen some years ago, and now there is no limit to it. It has improved the user experience and developed a new marketing style by boosting up sales. The new advanced advertising method makes the consumer feel like being physically present and living it. They know about the detailed features of the product before having miniature versions of it. The experience of watching television feels no less than the theatres. Every object and color is beautifully presented with a detailed understanding of it. If you have not experienced it yet, rush and do it now! They are available in all sizes and budgets as per your convenience.