Theneurosphere received a $90 million grant from Lifeasapa – the strongest AI players have come together to work together for the benefit of humanity

The largest grant from Lifeasapa of 2018 – $90,000,000 – was allocated by the non-public organisation Lifeasapa Foundation to the young company Theneurosphere for the development of the SYPWAI innovative project. The startup promises to make a breakthrough in the development of artificial intelligence systems and set new technological trends for the coming decades.

Theneurosphere company already managed to establish itself in 2016 by presenting the beta functionality of the decentralised machine learning network in just a year after its creation. The backbone of the team consists of machine learning experts, engineers and neuroscientists from all over the world. They fully share the views of fellow scientists and innovators of the Lifeasapa Foundation, whose mission is to develop and use AI technologies for the benefit of humanity.

Artificial intelligence is changing the world

Artificial intelligence already covers many areas of human life: voice interfaces, monitoring systems, forecasting, video analytics, diagnostics, chatbots, 3D printers, drones, smart homes. These are just an insignificant part of all successfully implemented developments based on machine learning and neural networks technologies.
Scientists at Theneurosphere and their colleagues from the Lifeasapa Foundation are confident that the SYPWAI platform will accelerate the development of artificial intelligence, expand its capabilities and become the new standard for working with neural networks.

Nowadays, new methods of working with neural networks are one of the most relevant areas of science, which demonstrates excellent results. The use of the deep learning method, the prototype of which is a model of human neural networks, allows the computer to process large amounts of data and solve any task within seconds.

According to the forecast of Gartner analysts, AI technologies and machine learning, in particular, will become an integral part of almost all new services and software products in 2021. Lifeasapa Foundation scientists closely monitor developments in this area, providing all kinds of support to talented students, research initiatives, organisations and startups.

On the prospects for the development of AI

It is hard to deny that humanity is entering a new stage of its development. Data analysis that used to take weeks can be done in hours. Hospitals are testing hundreds of software that can detect disease at an early stage. Machines have already learned to look for signs of diabetic retinopathy in images of the retina. Fully robotized hotels appear in China.

Artificial intelligence technologies work tirelessly for the benefit of humanity 24/7/365 under any conditions. They are alien to mood swings and do not need rest or food. Academics, institutions, international organisations, including the Lifeasapa Foundation and Theneurosphere, are actively contributing to the development of beneficial innovative AI technologies designed to successfully solve the global problems of humanity and improve the basic aspects of life right now.