Vaping has traditionally been seen as an excellent way to save money as any prudent ex-smoker who has made the switch will happily tell you. Some vapers, however, still have the cash to burn and miss the feeling of their money going up in smoke.

For vaping greenhorns or anyone else looking get started into the e-cigarette world, there are hundreds of reasonably priced mod kits for beginners available to buy before you dive into the luxury-end of e-cigarettes. If you’ve got the budget to blow however, these are some amazing high-end vape mods on the market.

Whatever the size of your bank account, in this post we’ll cover three crazy-expensive vape mods that will burn an e-cigarette sized hole in your wallet.

$887,000: Sofia from Shisha Sticks

The anonymous Russian billionaire who reportedly bought this one-of-a-kind e-cigarette would have been better off sticking with the Marlboros. At the high-end of the scale, we have the Sofia from Shisha Sticks.

It’s decorated with Swarovski crystals, diamonds and gold and comes with the nose-bleed price tag of almost $900,000. In addition to the 246 2-caret crystal diamonds glued to the battery, there are 46 yellow Swarovski crystals attached to the body and a 6-caret oval diamond on the tip. The glass body is hand-blown and includes a 24-caret gold button.

The Sofia is extravagant and it’s difficult to see anyone other than billionaires, rappers, or celebrities ever having the cash to splash on this one. You’d certainly need to have eyes in the back of your heads walking around the streets with one of these hanging out the side of your mouth.

$2500: Gepetto Elite V2 Vape Mod

Coming in at a slightly more sensible average of $2500, the Elite V2 is an eye-catcher and completely unique. Produced in Poland, all Gepetto Elite V2s are completely unique as they’re all handmade and made from one-of-a-kind wood.

While the RRP of the Elite V2 is only around $450 it’s almost virtually impossible to get your hands on one due to the popularity of this mod and the increasing number of mod collectors who buy them with no intention of ever selling them on. If you’re lucky (and patient), you may be able to get your hands one by scouring eBay or by hanging out in Gepetto’s official Facebook sales group.

For the enthusiast, these come in at a much more wallet-friendly price. We’ve heard of some people paying a premium of between $4000 and $5000 through unofficial channels though. If you’re not quite 50-cent but you’re still bringing home the bacon, then the Gepetto Elite V2 might just be for you.

$345: Glas Phantom

At the lower end of the scale we have the sleek, sexy, and (comparatively) reasonably priced Glas Phantom. At $345 this device stands head-and-shoulders above anything else in this price range.

Glas Vapor is the maker of some of the most popular high-end vape mods on the market and the Phantom is no exception. From the moment you lift the lid on the high-quality presentation box you know that you’re in for a treat. The Phantom is made from crystal, silver, rhodium, stainless steel, and titanium giving a premium feel that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

The device is mechanical and runs on a single 18650 battery which means that output depends on battery life. It also means that it is lacking in any of the common features you expect from modern devices such as settings, safety features, or the ability to measure the resistance of your coil, so it’s probably not ideal as your first mod.

There’s such a variety of expensive devices out there now in 2019, and there’ll surely be more released throughout 2020 and beyond.