Currently, there are nearly 200 million active websites around the world. Every second, 3 new sites are created. Incredible, isn’t it? The concern is that a results page displays only 10 links. So, to make your place in a competitive world, it is important to deploy several good practices to publicize your website and thus boost your activity! Come on, let’s go, discover tips to gain popularity with your website.

Take advantage of all your media

In the signature of your emails, on your digital or paper brochures, on your social media visuals, on your business cards. Add the address of your website wherever you can. The more you advertise the URL, the more visits you will get. If you are a musician, don’t forget to add Spotify and SoundCloud to the cross-promotional media. Buy Spotify playlist followers, add more tracks and share those tracks with the plugin on the website. By that way, you give a sign to Google and other search engines that Spotify playlist is directly connected to the website.

Use email marketing

Email marketing is an essential strategy to promote your website. If your website has not yet been launched, or is going to be redesigned, use your mailing list to announce it! Create an email with a teasing, including:

  • A countdown to the launch of your website to generate impatience. Repeat this dispatch every 3 days, gradually revealing the changes to come.
  • A discount coupon to all subscribers who invite their loved ones to subscribe to your mailing list before the website launch. If you don’t sell products, you can have some convenient and free content or a trial offer for your service.

If your website is already online, there are other solutions to encourage your subscribers to visit it:

  • Organize a competition or a treasure hunt, during which they will have to find an item hidden on the site.
  • Submit your latest blog posts at regular intervals.
  • Offer a survey that focuses on the functionality and ergonomics of your website.

Analyze advertising campaigns on social networks

Social networks offer very practical advertising tools to promote your website. You have the choice between sponsoring publications or creating traffic campaigns (or conversions) on the main platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. Another strong point of these advertising agencies: A / B tests . You have the possibility to test different formats, visuals or targets, to create campaigns with the highest possible return on investment. For each advertisement, you have useful statistics to improve your strategy.

Use remarketing

On social networks or the Google Ads network, you can set up a remarketing strategy. To boost visits to your website, you can target subscribers to your newsletter or Internet users who have already interacted with your social media publications, as offered by Facebook: The idea is to inform them of the existence of your website to generate qualified leads, or even encourage purchases. Because you’re reaching an audience that already knows your business, they’ll be more receptive to your campaigns and more apt to convert.

Focus on Outreach Marketing

Outreach Marketing, or “proximity marketing” in French, consists of establishing a relationship with influencers in your sector, to encourage them to promote your website. It’s akin to influencer marketing, except it’s not about promoting your products or services, but rather making connections that lead to increased traffic to your site. The first step is to find an influencer or expert whose audience shares the same interests, needs and issues as your audience. To do this, a search on Google is essential. By typing in keywords related to your activity, you will come across the best positioned blogs.