Thinking about working in Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UAE? But little are familiar with these countries? Or maybe you are concerned about security? Unfamiliar with the mentality of the peoples of these countries and do not know what to expect from them? In this article, we will tell you about whether it is worth going to work in these countries and about the benefits of having jobs in Salalah for Indians.

What doubts do our candidates have when choosing a job in the Salalah?

Will they make me cover your head if you go to work in one of the Arab countries?

Answer: No, they won’t. Many foreign specialists have been working in Arab countries for a long time, and these countries have long been Europeanized. If this is work in a hotel or restaurant, then there is a working uniform, usually standard, as in restaurants and hotels around the world. If this is office work, then there is the usual formal wear that is accepted as business style all over the world.

How do local residents treat foreign workers, especially women?

Answer: There are a lot of foreigners working in Arab countries, including women. The local population has long been accustomed to foreign workers, citizens of Western and Eastern states. Attitude towards foreigners is friendly. There are many doctors, teachers, builders, IT specialists, service personnel from India and other countries from all over the world in Salalah. Because Arab countries offer high salaries and good working conditions.

In addition to these questions, many candidates, especially girls, are concerned about such questions as “Will they sell me into slavery?”, “Will my passport be taken away?”

Answer: For the most part, companies in the Arab countries are civilized and respectable partners and employers. They work at the same level as Western companies, use international business etiquette and value their reputation. Therefore, do not be afraid to cooperate with them.

If you are going to work in Salalah under a contract through our agency, then, of course, you can be calm in your own safety and the reliability of the employer. After all, we cooperate only with reliable and trusted employers. We conclude an official partnership agreement with each employer, which specifies all the conditions for the employment of our candidates and mutual rights and obligations.

Features of working in Salalah

Why are we so active in offering vacancies in the Middle East? Why are we constantly working on finding new partners in the Arab Countries? In this article, we also want to show the benefits of working in Salalah.

In recent years, many people from all over the world have rushed to work in the United Arab Emirates. This happened because the Emirates very quickly turned from an ordinary country with the rise in oil prices and the skillful and competent management of the last sheik into a rich and developed country. At the same time, local citizens themselves, being very rich, do not need work. Therefore, the state began to actively invite specialists from all over the world to work, offering higher salaries than other countries. They could afford it.

But lately, oil prices have begun to decline and the flow of money along with them. Accordingly, the Emirates have to reduce the level of salaries. Despite this, people still continue to seek work in the UAE. And next to the United Arab Emirates, small Arab countries are no less actively developing, which offer good salaries and working conditions with a still small offer from foreign specialists. We are talking about countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.

These small states have the largest oil reserves in the world. Also, these countries are rich in gas, gold, and pearls. The influx of money into this region does not stop. The age-old problem of nomads – the lack of water in the desert – has been solved: powerful irrigation systems have turned the desert into a flourishing oasis. The per capita income is very high compared to the rest of the world. The economy is growing steadily.

Beautiful skyscrapers, shopping malls, boutiques, luxury hotels grew very quickly in cities. The political situation in these countries is stable due to the high standard of living. Therefore, we are now directing efforts to find partner-employers in these countries, gradually moving away from the United Arab Emirates.

And now about the benefits of working in the Gulf countries.

– All of them sign contracts for at least 2 years with a high salary.

– All employers pay for flight, visa, accommodation, medical insurance, paid vacation once a year with airfare.

– Work in Qatar, Bahrain, Oman is very attractive due to stable high earnings, career growth.

Working in the Arab countries is, as a rule, working in a chain of very good hotels and high-level restaurants. Since these chains exist all over the world, candidates who have worked in such a hotel or restaurant for 2 years have the opportunity to work in one of the hotels of this chain in other countries in the future.

More and more job offers abroad come from employers from Qatar, Bahrain, Oman. Whether it is worth accepting such offers, whether it is worth going to work in Arab countries – you decide. We have given all the advantages of working in these countries.

If you are still hesitant or afraid of working in the Arab countries, it’s time to look at it with different eyes. In addition to the benefits listed above, you will also benefit from cooperation with us – after all, we conclude partnership agreements with each employer. This means that we will provide support for the entire duration of the contract with the employer. If any problems suddenly arise, we will try to resolve them with the employer in your interests.

Labor migration in Salalah

The population of Oman in 2022 is about 5.3 million people. It is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. About 800 thousand people live in the largest city and capital of the state – Muscat. According to some estimates, more than a quarter of the local residents are immigrants. Mostly immigrants from Egypt, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Most often, foreigners come to Oman for the purpose of employment.

Despite the policy of so-called Omanization of the local labor market pursued in Oman in recent years, dependence on foreign labor is still very significant. Foreign specialists are attracted by high salaries, the absence of income tax and a reasonable cost of living. In addition to dull sandy landscapes, Oman has enough interesting places and attractions, including ancient castles and fortresses.

Unlike many other countries in the Middle East, Oman is a progressive modern state with more liberal laws, including in relation to women’s rights. Nevertheless, potential labor migrants should not forget about Muslim traditions and culture. The rules of conduct in a foreign country must be observed. Another point is the extreme temperature, which often exceeds 40-45 ° C.

How to find a job. Jobs and salary in Salalah

Successful employment in Salalah depends on the skills, experience and relevance of the profession of a foreigner. Equally important is the knowledge of Arabic or at least English at a good level. In various fields of activity, the working week lasts from 40 to 48 hours, and the days off fall on Thursday and Friday. To search for a job in Salalah, use all available methods – from professional social networks to tourist trips to this beautiful country.

The most relevant jobs in Oman for Indians in 2022 are in oil and gas, construction, medicine and education. Experienced engineers, IT-specialists, teachers, construction project managers are in demand. In the field of unskilled labor, work in Oman is practically inaccessible. For example, agriculture employs a very small labor force. There are vacancies in the field of tourism (administrators, hostesses) and sports (fitness trainers).

In most cases, Omani employers offer very decent salaries to foreign specialists. The official minimum wage in the country is 325 rials per month, which is equivalent to $845. The average salary in Oman in 2022 is around $1500-$2000. Qualified foreign workers receive several times more, and in managerial positions very often salaries exceed $9,000-$10,000 per month.