Children are innocent and they enjoy playing to the full extent. Sometimes,they are playing and go beyond your visible limits. Here technology plays an important role. Today’s technology has come very far and it can help you locate your child when he disappears from your eyesight.

These personal trackers are of different types. Some top GPS trackers come with monthly fees even after paying a hefty price tag while some of the best come with no monthly fees at reasonable price tag.


Today we are going to tell you about top 3 child GPS trackers with no monthly fees. These top trackers are:

  1. GoFindMe GPS Tracker
  2. goTenna Mesh
  3. Team Messengers C1

GoFindMe GPS Tracker:

It is one of the best personal GPS tracker for tracking the live location of your child or your old parents. It offers real-time live tracking with no monthly fees. There is no need to insert the SIM card or have active internet connection to locate the device.

GoFindMe GPS tracker works based on the long-range radio technology, linking up you with other people in a private network environment. You are able to share real-time locations, traces or send messages without relying on cell or Wi-Fi networks.

You can add upto 32 members and sync everyone’s activity in the mobile app easily. It has a dedicated SOS button. With the SOS button, it sends your help request and exact location to everyone in the group even when your phone is power off.

With the GoFindMe GPS tracker you can set a safe zone, whenever any person wearing the device moves out of the safe zone, it will alert immediately. The device has range of 5 miles and offers 72 hours of battery backup. It weighs 3 ounces. GoFindMe costs $199 for a pair on which you can get 25% off.

goTenna Mesh Tracker:

GoTenna Mesh is a GPS tracker which helps you track your child location. It provides 24 hours of battery life and gives an option to charge using MicroUSB port. It offers a range of 4 miles.

With the goTenna Mesh you can track the location in real time. It packs features like voice message and text message. The device weighs 9 ounces and can be attached to your child. GoTenna Mesh costs $179.

Radacat Team Messenger C1:

Radacat Team Messenger C1 is another GPS tracker with no monthly fees. The device offers upto 36 hours. It is ultra light weight and weighs just 1.92 ounces. It also comes at affordable price tag of $79.

However the smaller form factor of the GPS tracker limits its range to just 3.7 miles in the city upto 1.9 miles in the wild area. It offers real time tracking with features like voice and text message support.

So these are the top child GPS tracker with no monthly fees.