When building a custom gaming computer, there are tons of available options to choose from. From what CPU to use or which GPU will come under the budget limit, there are multiple things that buyers need to think of. But, when it comes to choosing the size of the computer, or specifically, the cabinet, most people keep that for the last. However, it is something that you need to figure out first before buying the CPU, GPU, RAM, or other things.

Building a mini ITX computer using a mini-ITX case is all the rage these days. Of course, they defy the mainstream concept of going after big cabinets and big systems. But, one of the places where a mini gaming PC absolutely steals the show is through its compact form factor. Their small footprint makes them sit easily on the desk. One can even carry them without any issue.

In this article, readers will know about some of the essential things about a mini ITX gaming rig that might be informative if you are building one.

Can a Mini ITX PC Game?

This is undoubtedly one of the top queries of buyers interested in building a gaming rig but wanting to use less space. As said previously, it is due to the concept that the bigger the gaming setup, the more the performance. Well, the reality today is different because a mini ITX gaming setup is not just good for gaming, but in some cases, it is actually better.

The reason why it is possible is because of the advancements in computer technology. It has come a long way in recent years. So, yes, one can build a powerful PC gaming system even in a small and compact form factor. Solid GPUs like Gigabyte RTX 2070 Mini ITX allow gamers to have top-tier gaming performance even in a mini-ITX case.

Significant Benefits of a Mini ITX Gaming Setup

Only after building the gaming setup can one realize the potential of a mini gaming PC. Of course, the benefits come in plenty compared to standard full-tower to mid-tower setups. The first and foremost is the convenience factor. Especially those having less accommodating space for a gaming PC should build this as it takes very little space.

But, that isn’t the only stand-out benefit of these gaming rigs. As these gaming builds take less space, they are considerably lightweight. It is something that attracts buyers who want to move their setup from one place to another. Therefore, the portability factor also counts in.

Are these Mini Gaming PC Builds costly?

It is a misconception that building a mini ITX setup takes a toll on your budget. Usually, the hardware components are smaller in size, which attracts lower prices than a full-sized gig.

However, this is a subjective matter and cannot be stated with certainty. That’s because it all depends on what hardware you choose for your build. Moreover, if you manage to buy during any sale period, you might save some extra bucks in the process.

The Final Line

The process of building a PC from scratch is versatile and one that attracts various philosophies and methods. If you want to go for a build with a mini-ITX case, it is not that there will be a shortage of options. All that you need is to find a reputed online retail store.