Video chat apps and service are back in and more popular than ever with their ability to keep us connected to friends and family during these trying times. If you’re missing your friends, social distancing or working from home, video chatting has become the most important method of communication. You might use Zoom for work, but what you use for work, might not work for calling your parents.

There are a ton of video chat and calling apps out there and no one wants a ton of apps on their phone but which video chat app should you choose? To help you figure it out, we’ve outlined top five free video chat apps available to most internet users – whether you have Verzion, Frontier, AT&T, EarthLink, or any other internet provider. You’ll have to decide which app will work best for most of your friends and family.

  1. Zoom

Works with: iOS, Android, Windows & Mac

Extra Costs: Mostly none! Zoom is free for unlimited one on one calls and with calls up to 100 people. There is a time limit with the free version, but there’s nothing that says you can’t call your loved one right back at the end of the call.

Zoom is a video and voice calling service that became a rising star early on in the covid-19 pandemic and has remained the most popular amongst all video calling apps. Its popularity came from more than just video chatting amongst friends and family, but also its ability to be used by people who work from home.

  1. Skype

Works with: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Amazon Kindle & XBOX

Extra Costs: Mostly none! Skype is free for video calls between users with Skype

Skype is a video and voice calling app that was the go to video chat service until Zoom came out and is compatible with the most devices out of any other video calling app around. Skype does have extra features that could cost you money, but if you’re just looking to talk to friends and family, the platform will be free for you.

  1. Facetime

Works with: iOS & Mac

Extra Costs: None! The only extra cost is the device itself

Facetime is a video and voice calling app developed by Apple and is preinstalled on Apple phones. The app is exclusive to iOS users only. If you’re not sure what smartphones your friends and family use, Facetime might not be a dependable app to use for your video calling needs.

  1. Google Duo

Works with: iOS, Android, Windows & Mac

Extra Costs: None! You just need to sign into your Google account

Google Duo is a video and voice calling app developed by Google and is preinstalled on Android phones. The app works just like Facetime does except it doesn’t count out iOS users. They can download Google Duo in the Apple App Store. Unfortunately the app hasn’t really caught on yet so your friends or family might not even know about it and it could take some convincing to get them to try it out.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Works with: iOS, Android, Windows & Mac

Extra Costs: None!  You just need an account and compatible device with a camera

Facebook Messenger is a text chat, video and voice calling app developed by Facebook and is available to all Facebook users. Facebook Messenger might be the easiest app to video chat with your friends because you might be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t use Facebook or Facebook Messenger already.