Your motorcycle OEM parts were built to deliver the performance your bike’s designers intended, but as great as that performance is, it isn’t enough when you’re running competitively against other riders. In those cases, everyone has mastered their machines well enough to know how to take advantage of their traits, and in most cases, a little extra mechanical edge is needed for the motorcycle to rise to the level of its rider. That’s when you need to know which aftermarket motorcycle parts are going to work best for your riding style.

Improved Handling 

There are a few options to improve your handling and get more control when cornering. These allow you to use more of your motorcycle’s inherent speed without worrying about any loss of control that could cost you velocity.

  • Performance brakes
  • Upgraded tires
  • High end suspension you can customize

These changes let you shift faster and get more out of your cornering arc so you can maintain a higher average speed.

Modifications for More Power  

There are a couple mods you should look at for more power, too. Remember, though, changing up everything on the machine at once can introduce too many variables too quickly. Try to pace your changes, introducing a few aftermarket parts alongside the OEM replacements you need to order as parts wear.

That being said, it’s a good idea to look at what you can do with carburetor and fuel injector upgrades, depending on which your bike uses. These can deliver you more fuel and give you more control over your fuel to air ratio, so you can increase your compression ratio to mine the engine for more power and acceleration. It’s also a great idea to look into changing up your gearing, especially if you’re going to go for something like a clutch upgrade to make shifting faster.

ATV Competitions 

OEM ATV parts and their performance counterparts are also vital if you compete in multiple motorsports. Many of the same recommendations apply, so don’t be shy about getting your ATV track-ready. Shop for all the parts you need early so you can test them in.