Chinese company LeEco is conducting first flash sale of LeEco Le 2 in India next week on 28 June. The company will sell its smartphone on Flipkart and its own store, LeMall.

LeEco Le 2Registrations for the first flash sale of LeEco Le 2 has been started. And they are getting great response for the first sale. The smartphone offers some great set of specifications at the price tag of Rs. 11,999. But every smartphone has its cons, today we are going to tell you Top 5 reasons not to buy LeEco Le 2.

1. Quality Issue on LeEco Le 2:

The LeTV Le 2 comes in Metallic Body but it does have many quality issues. One of the biggest issue with quality of the smartphone is the creaking sound. Actually there might be a gap between screen and the frame. So whenever you press the screen hard, you will hear the creaking sound.

Many reviewers like C4ETech has confirmed that the creaking issue exists on the LeEco Le 2. This is very bad for a smartphone with good specs. Quality is one issue which should be taken care of first.

2. Absence 3.5mm audio jack on LeEco Le 2:

The new smartphone from the Chinese company doesn’t come with a good old 3.5mm Audio jack. All your headphones, speaker won’t work with the LeEco Le 2 because of no 3.5mm Audio jack. The company has replaced the technology with its own USB based headphones.

LeTV does bundles the USB Type-C port to 3.5mm Audio jack cable with the box, but for that first you have to insert the cable then connect your 3.5mm based headphone to that converting cable. The company doesn’t give any headphone in the box. You will have to purchase it separately which costs Rs. 1,990. Although for the first flash sale, you will get the CDLA based headphone free.

3. No expandable Storage on LeTV Le 2:

The third reason not to buy the LeEco Le 2 is the absence of expandable storage. The phone comes with 32GB internal storage but there is no MicroSD slot to expand the storage. You will have to settle down at 32GB internal storage only out which some 4-5 gigs are taken by the OS. So you will get only 25GB of storage for your usage.

4. Heating issues on LeEco Le 2:

The fourth reason not to buy the LeEco Le 2 is the heating issue. Due to metallic body and Software optimization issue, the phone does heats up a lot. While playing games and charging the smartphone heats up.

5. Flash sale for LeEco Le 2 – Not easily available :

Fifth reason not to buy the latest smartphone from the Chinese company is that the smartphone will be sold via flash sale method. With flash sales, the smartphone will not be easily available. The company has already revealed that it has received huge number of registrations for the first sale of LeEco Le 2. We don’t think that the company will have sufficient stock to feed the number of registrations.

The first flash sale will be over in couple of seconds and many people will be left without smartphone. So you will have wait for another week to get the hands on the device and again there will be no guarantee that you will manage to get the LeEco Le 2 in the second flash sale as well.

So these was our Top 5 reasons not to buy the LeEco Le 2. We will also come with out reasons to buy the smartphone soon.