Ever been in a situation where the software you are using keeps crashing? Or it keeps prompting you that maximum logins have been utilized? You have all the updates in check, but it just does not seem to pick! Well, you might be a perfect candidate for software development.

This entails adding of more structure or features to optimize your workflow. You can even try seo consultant to better optimize the software in search results on search engines. There is quite a number of methodologies on how to do so, and below are the top 5 methodologies.

  1. Feature-Driven Development Methodology

This methodology adopts the improvement of individual features found within the software- just as the name suggests. FDD is lightweight and is centered on the principle that it is client-centric as it focuses on the delivering of a working software frequently. It is also known for its short iterations and frequent releases. This here makes it an excellent fit for both small and large development teams that follow pre-defined standards and require quick releases. This methodology entails five steps, namely, developing a model, building a list of features, Planning out each element, designing them, and finally building each feature.

  1. Agile Development Methodology

The Agile software development methodology is a practice that promotes continuous iteration of building and testing throughout the whole life cycle of the project. This methodology is emphasized on four central values. First, individual and team interactions are considered over processes and tools. Second, working software is preferred over comprehensive documentation. Third, customer collaboration over contract negotiation. And lastly, Responding to change over following a plan. The process this methodology follows is broken into individual models that designers get to work on.

  1. Waterfall Development Methodology

Waterfall methodology was the first ever to be introduced, and it is also considered the easiest to grasp. It has been used by almost all Software consulting companies available in the world today. Its approach is divided into phases. And every result of one stage is the initial input in the next one. Meaning for the next phase to commence, the precious one must be complete. The phases include conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, production/implementation, and maintenance.

  1. Scrum Development Methodology

This is an agile project methodology software framework that aims to produce new software capabilities every two to four weeks. It played a significant role in the Agile manifesto, which delivers a set of values that guide decisions on how to develop fast and high-quality software.

Scrum is widely used by IT, marketing, and leadership teams that must move forward with complexity and perplexity. Groups that use scrum produce better quality products, reduce time to market, face better team dynamics, and have a higher productivity rate.

  1. Lean Development Methodology

This methodology emphasizes on the optimization of efficiency while reducing waste in the process of developing software. It thrives on the idea that less is more. This methodology has seven principles that guide it. And they are; reduce waste, amplify learning, decide as late as possible, deliver as fast as possible, empower the team, build integrity in and see the whole.


All the methodologies discussed above are vital in the software development world that even various ERP, CRM and salesforce consulting companies can utilize those methodologies during the development, migration, installation and integration of this software which help companies to unite the overall business strategy, marketing & sales to attain new heights. And the use of these 5 software development methodologies, making them very valuable in the software and web development industries.

About the author:

Manoj Rawat, a Growth Hacker, Ideator, Innovator and Experienced SEO, SMM and Marketing Consultant with over 8 years IT experience. He loves to share marketing tips & strategies among online marketers. He is an avid sports person, traveller, & nature lover. You can find Manoj on Quora, LinkedIn and Twitter.