In 2017, Brighton was named as the UK’s most entrepreneurial city. The city is now a cradle for innovators and tech startups. Its location at 76 kilometers south of London has also helped the cause. Not to forget the archaeological landscape, vibrant culture, and calm atmosphere appealing to both consumers and entrepreneurs.

There were a total of 15,734 companies operating in Brighton in 2017, up from 15,710 in 2016. Irrespective of which sector the business is in, they need digital marketing to thrive and compete. Coming to realization is the easy part. The tricky part is how to select a digital marketing agency in Brighton that drives results. Well, here’s a list of questions to ask.

What Are Your Requirements and Goals?

The search for a good digital marketing agency doesn’t begin with agencies. It begins with the client, which is you. You must know your goals and desired outcome. Without this, you will never be able to know whether the agency has delivered or not.

Therefore, you must first map out your digital marketing requirements. For this purpose, it’s best to dig into your primary business requirements. Is your business trying to make more sales? Does it need a website, or want to upgrade an existing website? Is there a problem with conversion? Are you looking to brand your business? These problems will define your digital marketing needs.

Next, you need to define goals. Do you want results in 3 months? Do you want an e-commerce website in 1 month? The goals will help you filter out marketing agencies that are incapable of achieving them.

How Long Has The Agency Been In The Digital Marketing Industry?

Digital marketing is a continuously evolving field. What worked five years back won’t necessarily work today, and what works today might become redundant tomorrow. That’s where experience helps. An experienced marketing agency in Brighton will be better able to identify trends and things working at the moment.

The experience becomes even more crucial if none of your team members are knowledgeable on digital marketing concepts. With an adept agency by your side, you can ensure that your investment money isn’t going down the drain.

An experienced agency will help you refine your goals and requirements. Reputed agencies offer a free consultation. This is their chance to learn about your business and requirements. Experienced agencies will provide inputs that you might not have thought of. This is a sign that the agency has been around for quite some time.

Also, look at their portfolio and presentation for a better understanding.

Has the Agency Worked in Your Industry?

Domain expertise of an agency matters. Some agencies offer services specifically to healthcare companies. Others handle campaigns for e-commerce companies. Then some agencies work exclusively for the government and nonprofits.

An agency that worked in your domain might help you out better with your marketing requirements. This is because they understand the landscape. They know how to target the audiences for that particular niche.

For healthcare and sensitive industries like banking, law, expertise becomes even more crucial. That’s because there are specific laws that companies must abide by when marketing online. For example, Google doesn’t allow some particular substances to be advertised on its platform. If you include them, then the search engine might blacklist you.

The Team Members of the Marketing Agency

Before handing out your project to any digital marketing agency, it’s worth looking at their team members. This is important because they will be working on your project. So if you need videos for your marketing campaign and don’t have an experienced video editor, would it be acceptable for you? Top-rated agencies build their teams with specialists from every domain. So you’ll have a PPC expert, an SEO expert, a graphic designer, a videographer working together in a good marketing agency in Brighton.

You can get this information easily by visiting the About Us section of the agency’s website. Also, ask about the team members who will be working on your project during the consultation.

Budget and Mode of Payment

Last but not the least, you need to consider your budget. Not all agencies charge the same fees. Some will have a higher than average price tag, while others have lower fees. This depends on multiple factors, but mainly the experience. If it’s an experienced agency, normally it’d charge more for the same work that a newly-established digital marketing startup.

The complexity of your marketing requirements is another factor. And then consider how you’ll be paying after seeing the results or when handing out the project before any work is done. Agencies vary by how they bill their clients.

When scouting for a marketing agency in Brighton, ask for an audit of your existing website. This is usually a free service and is a great way to get started with an agency.