With the introduction of 4K video quality of videos, we can now enjoy our favorite videos in a seamless way. This also led to the rise of 4K video editors in the market that are powerful yet really efficient and easy to use. In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 3 4K video editors that are there in the market along with their highlights.

Best 4K Video Editing Software for Windows/Mac [Free & Paid]

1. Wondershare Filmora9: Best 4K Video Editing Software for Cheap Desktop

Wondershare Filmora9 is the ultimate 4K video editor that you can download for Windows or Mac. This is one of the most elegant yet powerful video editors that you will ever come across. You get to create and edit your videos without any limits with the help of different titles, overlays, and effects.

As you get to create custom titles, you can unleash your creativity and create a title that is best suited to your needs. Besides that, you also get to customize all the different elements, effects, 3D Luts, the transition between frames,

Another really great feature of this software is its ability to create complex stories and videos as you get 100 Media layers in Filmora9, that allows you to customize your videos with great details and ease.

Here are some more benefits that you get as you use Filmora9 for editing your videos.

  • You get to easily create and edit your videos as you layer different clips and use green screen effects to make your videos more realistic.
  • In order to make your video more professional looking, you also get to customize the audio in your file to perfection. You get advanced features like keyframing, removal of background noises, and much more.
  • Since we are talking about a 4K video editor, you also get impeccable video quality as the software completely supports 4K videos.
  • In order to improve your productivity as you use this software, you also get lightning-fast processing speed when it comes to processing videos and proxy files. Moreover, you get to adjust and customize the preview quality according to your needs as well.
  • With the help of the creative filters and 3D LUTs, you can completely change the aesthetics of your video with a simple click. You also get to remove and tackle some of the common issues like fisheyes and camera shake as you edit your videos with Filmora9.
  • Lastly, the simple UI allows anyone with basic knowledge to operate Filmora9 efficiently. Anyone can easily add effects like reverse and slow motion in their videos easily.

Once you are done editing your video you also get to share the videos you create on different social media platforms as well.

2. iMovie: Best Free 4K Video Editing App for Mac

If you are Mac users, then you might be already familiar with iMovie as you edit your pictures and videos with this editing software. This is another powerful software that is out there for iOS users only. As you get the option of editing and creating your videos with iMovie.

Since you get a limited amount of features with iMovie, it is really important that you choose your video editing software according to your needs. With iMovie, you get some of the basic video editing features such as:

  • You can change the audio over a video clip, along with multiple video editing and trimming options.
  • Easily add background music, different visual effects, and text to your videos.
  • Lastly, you get the option of fixing shaky videos as well.

Besides all these features, you will find certain limitations to the files that you customize with iMovie. As you use iMovie, you get to work on the same device as there is no possible way to transfer your work to some other iOS device. Additionally, as you edit and export any file, you will be able to access that file on other iOS devices only. Lastly, as you add music files to your videos, you might get to face copyright issues as well.

3. Kizoa: Best Online 4K Slideshow Making Software

Kizoa is another 4K video editor that is out there in the market. With this efficient software, you get easy management of RAW files along with the option of cloud storage, allowing you to share and download your edited files wherever you need.


As you get the business membership of Kizoa, you get to enjoy all the premium benefits of this software on up to 3 accounts. Besides that, you also get a commercial and resellers license once you become a premium member. This way you can legally share and distribute the videos that you create with this software.


Since you get tons of features with this software, it can be a little overwhelming for any average user to use this software up to its potential. That is why it is vital for all the users to take a training session with the expert movie makers provided by Kizoa itself.



Final Verdict

On comparing all these 4K editors, you will find that Filmora9 is the most efficient, easy to use, and affordable. The seamless features you get will allow you to edit and customize your videos according to your needs. Although, you can also try out the other software before you decide the best 4K editor yourself.