Apple’s current smartphones, iPhone 6s/Plus are the slimmest smartphones from the Cupertino company. The iPhone 6s Plus is so slim that it can slip from your hands easily and you can easily drop the phone.

Totallee Case iPhone 6s PlusApple iPhone 6s/Plus can be damaged very easily, so everyone searches for a case. But many cases are bulky and end up making the slick iPhone 6s bulky. Today we are going to show you thin cases for your iPhone which doesn’t make the smartphone bulky. We will review and compare the cases from totallee.

Totallee cases are thin cases for Apple smartphones. The company sells three types of cases, each differ in thickness and type of material used. The company offers as thin as 0.02″ case for Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

Totallee offers – the scarf , the spy and the doberman range of cases for Apple smartphones. The scarf being the thinnest at just 0.02″ thickness while the doberman is the thickest case offered by totallee, but it is also thin at 0.06″thickness.

Totallee the scarf – Ultra thin case for Apple iPhone 6s/Plus:

Totallee the scarf is the thinnest case from the Californian company. It is just 0.02″ thick. It comes with brushed finish and also offers additional grip to the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. It comes in multiple color options.

Totallee the scarf caseThe case is very slim, it can be easily bent but it offers basic protection to the phone without making it bulky. It covers the iPhone from back side. There are holes for Volume buttons, power button, silent button. There is a cutout for protruding rear camera as well.

Totallee the scarf case doesn’t protect the bottom side of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Due to its thin design, the phone sits in the case very easily. It can protect the iPhone from scratches and makes it less slippery.

Totallee the scarf case is a good case but it doesn’t offer best protection. If you are a minimalist and want a ultra thin case then this case is for you.

Totallee the spy – Crystal Clear case for Apple iPhone 6s/Plus:

Another case from totallee is the spy. It is a clear case which is made up of rubbery material. It is a flexible case and is double in thickness with compared to the scarf. The Spy case is 0.04″ thick. It gives invisible protection to the Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

Totallee the spy iPhone 6s PlusTotallee the spy is made up of Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU) material. It is easily very flexible and easily bendable. It protects the Apple iPhone from scratches and bumps.

Totallee the spy has cutout for rear camera, Ring/silent button, Lightning port, 3.5mm Audio jack, Mic. It has holes on the speaker grill. The holes matches with the speaker holes perfectly.

In our review we found that Totallee the spy is perfect for people who wants a good protection for their Apple iPhone and also doesn’t want to compromise on the thickness of the case.

Totallee The Doberman – Black TPU case for Apple iPhone 6s/Plus:

The thickest case from Totallee is the doberman. It is 0.06″ thick. It is made up of thick Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU) material. Unlike the spy, the doberman comes in Black color.

Totallee the doberman Apple iPhoneTotallee The Doberman case comes in soft material. It is also flexible and bendable. It has matte texture on its back side. It provides protection from scratches and accidental drops.

Totallee the doberman case for Apple iPhone 6s/Plus has holes for Ring Silent button, lightning port, 3.5 mm audio jack, speaker holes. It has cutout for rear camera. The case also has cutout on the Apple logo so that you can show off shiny Apple logo.

In our review, Totallee the doberman protects the Apple iPhone 6s from scratches and also from minor drops. The material is soft and and gives good feel in the hand.

Comparison of Totallee cases:

We have already told you about different types of case totallee offers. The scarf is 0.02″ thick while the spy is 0.04″ thick and the doberman is 0.06″ thick. Each case has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you want a super thin case and protection from scratches then you can go for the scarf case, if want high performance and durable case then you can go for the doberman. If you want good protection and slim transparent case then the Spy case is perfect for you.

You can also check out our hands-on video of Totallee case below:

Totallee cases are priced at $19. The cases are available for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone SE, 5, 5s. The cases can be purchased from company website.