There are several ways to listen your favorite music. You can listen Audio on your Music Player at your home, or can listen on the go on your smartphone. Different devices have different formats to play music. Even devices like Apple iPhone offers several ways to listen music.

You can listen Music on several apps like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music and what not. You can find plenty of apps which are offering Music with subscription plans. These subscriptions allow you download the Audio files so that you can play them offline and don’t have to download the files all over again.

Apple has Apple Music which offers great way to listen Music on Apple iPhone or iPad device. It contains wide variety of songs available. It also give feature to download the music for offline use. However one of the major disadvantage of this downloaded music is that you can’t run the Audio files on other devices.

Due to compatibility issues, Audio Downloaded over these apps don’t run on other devices or app. If you ever want to move these songs file on other device, you won’t be able to use them on that device. In this situation TunesKit Audio Converter comes to help. This software can convert the downloaded music so that you can play it on other device.

In our review of TunesKit Audio Converter, we will tell you how you can convert the Music to any other file format.

TunesKit Audio Converter Features:

The software comes with many features. Let’s check out the top features:

1. Supports all File formats:

The software supports all major file formats. It allows you to convert any Audio file to other Audio file format. With the file format conversion, you can play the audio tracks on cross platform devices like Android, Windows etc.

TunesKit Audio Converter lets you convert all the protected and non-protected audios from Apple Music, iTunes songs, audiobooks and Audible books, etc. file to other popular file formats like such as MP3, M4A, AAC.

2. Customize and Personalize Audio files:

Along with conversion feature, the software also allows you to customize the audio files. It has several customization and personalization features. With the help of TunesKit Audio Converter, you can customize the output of the audio files in several ways. It allows you to change the volume, speed, pitch, set the codec, channel, sample rate, and bit rate of Audio files.

If you want to trim or split any part of music then it can also be done with the software. You can cut the long music files to small pieces either by time, chapter or segments as per your requirements easily.

3. Change the ID3 Audio tags:

Whenever we download any music file, it comes with several ID3 tags. There are times when some old music files have outdated tags or you want to change the tags as per your need, then this can be done using TunesKit Audio Converter. The software allows you to change the ID3 Audio tags in Music files. You can edit the ID tags info of the audio files which includes title, album, artist, composer, copyright, year, genre, cover and more.

4. Faster high Quality conversion:

Conversion doesn’t mean that the quality of Audio file can be compromised. The software lets you convert the Music with very speed while also retaining the Quality of Output Audio Files. TunesKit Audio Convertor uses multiple-thread audio conversion technology, which can convert the all audio files at a 30X faster speed. Special Files like Apple Music, iTunes M4B, M4A, iTunes M4P, Audible AA, AAX conversion can preserve the 100% original quality in the output audios.

5. Multi Platform support:

The Apple Music Converter is not dependent on one platform. The software supports both Windows and Mac platform. You can choose the software variant as per your system OS. System and hardware requirements of the software are also minimal.

How to convert Audio files using TunesKit Audio Converter:

Lets now check the step by step guide to convert the music using the software.

Step 1: First download the appropriate version of TunesKit Audio Converter as per your system OS. Once the software is downloaded, install the software.

Step 2: After the software is installed, Open it by double clicking on the application icon. Now you need to add the source files. You can drag and drop the files on the interface or select the folder from which files need to imported.

Step 3: If you want to convert normal files then click on “+” sign to import files. If you want to convert some audio files with unusual formats, such as Apple Music, M4P songs from iTunes, or Audible AA, AAX audiobooks, you need to click on “Music Note +” button to import files. Also make sure that these iTunes songs works properly in iTunes else the conversion process may fail.

Step 3: Once the songs are added, click on format panel to select the output format and select other settings. You can select format like MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4B. You can select the Codec, Channel, Sample Rate and Bit Rate from the formal panel.

You can also select the type of Quality you want to convert the existing Audio file to. Click on Preset to select the type of output file quality. If you want to keep lossless quality for AA, AAX files then tick the “Keep lossless quality” box. Now click on the OK button after output settings are done.

Step 4: After selecting the Output setting, you can change the effects or split the audio file. There are two icons on right side of every song. First icon is for effects and other icon is edit icon.

If you want to adjust the sound volume, speed and pitch then click on Effects button beside every song name. If you want to split the Audio file or edit the tags, then click on edit button. There are several split options.

Step 5: Once all things are set, you can click on convert button in the bottom right corner. Now TunesKit Audio Converter will start converting the files to desired file format. Once the file are converted, you can check them in the history tab by clicking on the History button on the top menu.

In This way you can covert Audio files with the help of TunesKit Audio Converter.


TunesKit Audio Converter is priced at $39.95. It comes with lifetime upgrades and comes with technical support. The pricing for both Windows and Mac versions remains same. You can also send feedback and get answers to your queries with a valid license.

Final Thoughts

The TunesKit Audio Converter is great software for those who want to convert the Audio files for personal use. It can easily convert files with desired customization easily.

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