Twitter Iphone

Twitter has just announced two new features. These new features will are related to photos. One is photo tagging and other is multiple photos. Both these new features are currently limited to official mobile apps. Twitter announces this feature through a blog post.

Multiple Photos

Until now you can upload only one photo in a tweet but from today you upload maximum of four photos in a tweet. When you upload multiple photos it shows up in a collage format. Select a photo to show as full image, you can swipe through to change photo.

Uploading multiple photos is currently available for Twitter for iPhone ap only. But you can see attached photos on Android and Ability to upload multiple photos will arrive on Android and in coming days.

Photo Tagging

Photo tagging is not new, Facebook and other social networks has this feature since long time. But twitter was missing this handy feature. Now twitter has started rolling out this new feature.

You can tag upto 10 people in a photo. To tag a photo:
• Select the photo
• Click ‘who’s in this photo?’ Option
• Start typing name or username to tag.
• Tag will appear next to the photo.
• You can tag upto 10 people.

Tagging won’t consume a single word from 140 words limits that Means you can tag people and you will have your 140 word limit intact. The person you tag will get a notification about the tag. You can change your privacy setting from settings and select who can tag you.

To access this new features head over to App Store and Google Play Store and download Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android. Earlier today has also issued an update to iPhone client which makes this new changes.