Twitter Ads on Mobile AppTwitter has silently enabled a new feature on its Mobile apps. Twitter now allows to manage Twitter ads via its mobile clients on iOS and Android devices. With the new feature, you can access and manage twitter ads from Mobile app.

Twitter Ads on Mobile app allows you to check campaign performance, Optimize bids & budget and control the timings of campaigns. But you will have visit Twitter Ads website in order to setup your first campaign.

Until Now Twitter Ads was accessible via its Twitter website, but now the company is allowing its users to use the Ads manager on your mobile app. It can be accessed via iOS and Android devices.

To access the Twitter ads on iOS, Click the gear icon on the your profile tab and select Twitter ads. On Android also click the three dots on the top page and select Twitter Ads. There is no need to update your Twitter client, but need to be on the latest version to get access to the new feature.