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Twitter is now Eight year old. On 21 March 2006, Twitter came into existence and became one the popular social networking site. Twitter was started with a whole new concept, Users were forced to write in 140 words only. Who would have thought that everybody will start expressing their views in just 140 words.

To mark the occasion, Twitter came up a new tool which lets us find out our first tweet ever without scrolling. Twitter has created a dedicated website through which you can find first tweet of any user.

To find out first tweet visit or and enter your or someone else username. Then it will show the first tweet, you can also share the tweet right from the website.

Let’s find out some of first tweets

This is what Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey wrote in his first tweet ever.

He was setting up the twitter.

First tweet by official Twitter handle

First tweet by Official Twitter India handle.

This was our first tweet  on Twitter.

Near about three months back we said hello world to World Wide Web.

This is mine.

I was just saying hello to twitter.

So what was your first tweet.