UnaPhone ZenithUna Inc, a UK based company has announced its first smartphone, UnaPhone Zenith. The phone runs on company’s own UnaOS. The phone will up be up via Indiegogo, there is no word about its specifications and availability but its retail price will be $529.

UnaOS puts security and privacy in the hands of the smartphone user. As per the company, UnaPhone Zenith is a secure smartphone.

After more than a year of development and testing, the company has announced their first smartphone. UnaPhone Zenith, is the first genuinely secure smartphone suitable for all users and powered by a secured Android 6.0 developed by Una called UnaOS.

In partnership with Elephone, one of the most influential smartphone manufacturer in China, Tutanota, one of the best and most secure email providers, and Callprotector, a security communication suite, the UnaPhone Zenith is a carrier and vendor independent smartphone, with a suite of secured applications that allow uses to make and receive phone calls, send text messages, have chat conversations, transfer files and send emails without comprising their privacy or security, since they are all protected and fully encrypted.

The phone, does not only secure communications, but the OS has been modified the way to exclude any data leakage, patched all the known vulnerabilities, full storage encryption by default, truly private setup, so the phone cannot be identified by the carrier, and so on. The device is also secured the way to not allow any installation or modification.

The UnaPhone Zenith will be launched via Indiegogo Tech by end of March, with an early-bird rate of just $429 for the lucky few who back the campaign early, and for those who don’t the UnaPhone Zenith will still retail at a competitively low price of just $529.

Una is a new concept that takes security and privacy to a new level. It is a team of Android developers that came together to provide genuine security and privacy solutions for your mobile activity.

As per the company:

We all experience invasion of our privacy, data mining and exploitation of our habits and behaviors as a result of being overly exposed to companies and organizations behind the apps and devices that we all use. So if you’re looking for a way to make sure your personal information remains personal and your data, conversations and activity stay private, then we are here for you.