Welcome to the intersection where technology meets practicality – this is the essence of ElasticScale. I’m Alex Jeensma AWS expert, CTO and founder of ElasticScale. With a rich background in start-ups and scale-ups, all deeply integrated with AWS (Amazon Web Services), and fortified with an AWS certification, my experience spans over seven years across the realms of DevOps principles and enterprise software delivery. ElasticScale was born out of a need to unravel AWS’s complexities for growing businesses.

ElasticScale’s Approach to AWS Mastery

Our journey at ElasticScale is about breaking down the AWS enigma. We’ve seen how start-ups and scale-ups view AWS as a perplexing and often costly venture, leading to inefficiencies and potential security and scalability concerns. While larger companies can afford specialized Cloud Engineers, smaller entities struggle with these AWS challenges due to budget constraints. ElasticScale fills this gap by providing expert AWS consultancy, particularly for the SaaS industry.

AWS services Tailored for Tech Growth

  • Expert AWS Consultancy**: Our team offers bespoke AWS consultancy, focusing on the unique demands of the SaaS industry.
  • Automated Infrastructure via Terraform**: We advocate for and implement infrastructure automation using Terraform, ensuring uniformity and efficiency across different environments.

Catering to Diverse Tech Needs

  1. 1. Start-Ups: We equip start-ups intending to utilize AWS with a comprehensive reference architecture. This includes a blend of best practices, Terraform, local development environments, and Fargate Docker containers. Our guidance extends to securing AWS credits, making the first year’s infrastructure virtually free.
  2. Scale-Ups: For those in the scaling phase, whether they’re existing AWS users or looking to migrate, our fixed-fee subscription service allows their developers to focus on product development while we manage the AWS intricacies.
  3. Venture Capitalists: For those with a portfolio of AWS-dependent companies, our no-cure-no-pay portfolio scan offers a strategic review to ensure AWS is used in the most cost-effective and secure manner.

Proven Results and Flexible Payment Models

  • Impactful Work: One of our success stories includes reducing a scale-up’s AWS costs by 70% without sacrificing performance.
  • Payment Options: We offer various payment structures, including fixed hourly rates, monthly subscriptions, and a no-cure-no-pay approach. Payments can also be conveniently made through AWS IQ.

Engaging with ElasticScale

  • Complimentary Consultation: Discover the potential of your AWS setup with a free 60-minute consultation, bookable via our website 
  • Referral Program: Introduce new clients and earn a 10% referral fee.
  • AWS Bill Analysis: Take advantage of our free 15-minute AWS bill review, along with accessing cost-saving tips for over 145 AWS services on our site.

ElasticScale stands at the forefront of making AWS a manageable and strategic asset for start-ups and scale-ups. Our mission is to simplify the complexities of AWS, enabling businesses to leverage its full potential for growth and innovation in the tech world.