Last week WhatsApp added Video call option on its Instant messaging client. The video call button was made available in the beta version of the app. The button was showing on V2.16.80.

Whatsapp has now removed the Video call button from the app. Now on clicking the call button on any chat, it does the voice call only. The company will release the Video calling functionality by later this year.

The current WhatsApp version is V2.16.94 and in the latest beta version, the video call option is not there. In the earlier beta version, the Video call functionality was not working, only button was there.

WhatsApp video callWhatsApp in way has confirmed that the rumors about Video call were completely true and the service is definitely  in the works. In the latest v2.16.94, there is no new feature, it is a bug improvement version.

WhatsApp 2.16.94 beta version is now available in the play store. It can be installed on Android devices. The video call service will be available by the end of this year.