The word ‘transcription’ means the conversion of something into a written or printed record. Transcription services have emerged as a huge advantage in fields like business, court hearing, medical, etc. This is a kind of business service that transforms speeches and videos (live or recorded) into written or printed documents. Beside written forms, this transcription can also be done via cassettes, pen-drives, CDs, VHS or sound files.

Nowadays, apart from such doings, transcription service is also used to elevate the search ranking of a website by SEO (search engine optimization). As per the latest updates, this service is updating its ways to provide more facilities for website holders.

Following are the primary ways that help your website to mount the search results:


  • Increment Of Search Traffic Via Video Transcripts:


You have read earlier what transcription is. Search engines like Google, Yahoo cannot see a video or listen to audios; they can only go through texts and index it. So if you allow your videos to be transcript in video forms and if the search engines can index it, then it can judge your website and able to give SEO rankings.


  • Closed Captioned Videos Give Better Results:


Linking your videos with closed captions are proven to be a better way to make your website more searchable. Well, closed captions are pieces of texts which resemble the facts of your videos by reflecting audio tracks and can be readable while watching the video. These captioned texts will also be readable to search bots of a search engine can read your video; it will be very much beneficial for you.


  • Emplacing Your SEO Keywords Process:


To make you understand easily, this process is nothing but summarizing a video content in textual form. That means, attaching the facts of the video using special keywords that depict the fact itself. On various transforming sites, there are tools or software available to analyze the facts and transcript the keywords quickly. Well, aligning the SEO keywords will give you advantages for your purpose.


  • Transcripts Provide Easier Way For Content Creation:


Content creation is an excellent way to give your website better views and search rankings. Well, transcripts of your video provide you content marketers that will link you up with various informative, unique and stupendous blogs, articles, especially derivative content. These textual attachments will give you an SEO-friendly platform and keep you uplifted in the search results.

Apart from these four ways, there are also other ways to get higher search rankings. These four are the most prominent ones and easy to do.

In today’s world, in every aspect of life, people have to take part in competitions in every field and compete with innumerable competitors. Here also we see a huge competition and competitors as website holders who want to place their websites in the first position in the search results. To facilitate the website holders, services of transcription are provided so that authenticity is maintained. Hopefully, these services are improving day by day and will continue further.