New season of Bigg Boss is about to start in coming months. And this year as well, we will see Salman Khan as the host of very popular reality TV show. The show will start from next month and you can watch its first promo now.

Bigg Boss 10 PromoFirst Promo of Bigg Boss 10 is out now. In the first promo, Salman khan is dressed in the outfit of an Astronaut. First promo of Bigg Boss show looks very interesting. Every year the show is based on new theme.

This year it looks like BIGG BOSS 10 will be based on spaceship. Or it may happen that Salman Khan has just dressed up as an Astronaut for the promo only.

This year the team behind Bigg Boss show is changing the main theme of the show. Earlier in all seasons, only celebrities used to be part of the show. But with Bigg Boss 10, common man and woman will also be part of the show.

They are not completely abandoning celebrities, but just adding two common people between 10 celebs. Bigg Boss 10 will be interesting as common people don’t know any celebrity personally, so adjusting in the house will be tough for them.

In the first promo of Bigg Boss 10, Salman khan is talking about this change in concept. You can watch the first promo below: