A poor connection can be a significant problem, especially during this time when most people work from home and need online connectivity. People find it extremely difficult to ignore poor connections as family members try to keep up with their lives using online platforms. Thus, it is essential to understand a few tricks and hacks you can use to boost your Wi-Fi signal and enable you to enjoy an uninterrupted connection.

Some tips Wi-Fi boosting tips include;

Replace your router

The Wi-Fi signals change due to varying distances from the router. Moving a few steps may make a massive difference in your connectivity, leaving you with a slower network. Low-quality routers struggle to cover more expansive areas and may struggle to transmit your Wi-Fi connection to the entire house. Newer, more powerful routers are often better at handling lots of devices.

One way to boost your Wi-Fi signal is by your router. If it covers a shorter distance, then changing your router to meet your needs will enable you to enjoy a better Wi-Fi signal.

Reboot the router

Before you think of changing your router, this is a quick fix that is likely to temporarily sort your internet connection. Switch off your router and modem for 30 seconds and turn them on. The act resets your router connection that may well boost your Wi-Fi signal.

This process is a short-term fix and if the network performance is still low, opt for the above option. Remember, your router may just be overworking and need a short break to enable it to work well, so never ignore this process.

Wireless Heatmaps

Wi-Fi heat maps showcase the signal strength of your connection across various areas of the house. It enables you to identify dead zones and map out the most vital areas in a room or office.

Mapping out your Wi-Fi signals enables you to adjust your coverage and strength to improve connectivity. Heatmaps give you a bird’s eye view of your Wi-Fi signal quickly rather than guessing your home’s wireless connectivity. It also offers a solution to dead zones, which is a double win!

Acrylic Wi-Fi offers a free solution for you to try out

Purchase Wi-Fi extenders

Wi-Fi extenders act as connectors to increase your Wi-Fi coverage area. It spreads your Wi-Fi coverage horizon, further enabling you to enjoy fast and efficient internet connection. Wi-Fi extenders are fairly inexpensive to purchase, and they provide you with a permanent solution that will help you access Wi-Fi from any room.

A Wi-Fi extender can also give you the chance to share your Wi-Fi connection with neighbors.

For those who choose to cost-share, this is an easier way to ensure everyone gets strong internet and makes pooling resources to pay easy.

Shift your channel

Your Wi-Fi uses signals just like radios. These signals vary and may have a different number of users at a particular time. To boost poor Wi-Fi, shift your channel to one that has fewer people to enable it to pick faster and offer better internet speed and improved connectivity. You can use a Wi-Fi analyzer, such as Acrylic, to know which channel your Wi-Fi is on, and what other channels are less congested.

Purchase a Wi-Fi adapter

Using a Wi-Fi adapter is a great way to boost your Wi-Fi connectivity and enjoy a fast and efficient connection. Place the adapter in the USB port, where it automatically upgrades your computer’s Wi-Fi settings and enables it to increase speed and improve the experience.

For those with older computers (using Wireless N), having a Wireless AC Wi-Fi adapter can significantly increase your speed. It is a cheaper fill-in than replacing your machine.

Change your Wi-Fi password

Your Wi-Fi password may be leaked or hacked, and many people logged into your connection lowering your connectivity. To boost your Wi-Fi password, regularly change it and share it only with the number of people your router can handle to ensure the optimum speed.

Having too many people connected not only slows down the connection and increases your bills. You spend more data that translates to high internet bills.

Shift the location

Place your router in a place with no obstructions, allowing the Wi-Fi signals to be easily transmitted. Wi-Fi signals can be absorbed or hindered by particular objects or materials. Ensure it does not get blocked by furniture or other items, reducing the speed and negatively impacting your connection.

Centrally place your router

Ensure your router is placed in a central place to enable it to cover the house and provide an adequate connection. If your router is in a corner area of your home, shifting it to a central location will likely improve your network connection.

The position of a router directly impacts the Wi-Fi speed. If you place it near electronics, they may disrupt the signal, making it slower. Keep it at a safe distance and in an open place to enable it to work efficiently.


Wi-Fi speed is an essential aspect of enjoying time online. Having slow Wi-Fi can work against you and hinder communication or make working from home a living nightmare. Ensure you deal with connection issues to relax your mind and focus on your work or entertainment.