Selling your old electronics is a great way to reduce waste and make some extra money on the side. In one maneuver, you can get rid of your old devices, keep your e-waste out of a landfill, and pocket some cash you can use for just about anything.

But what are the best places to sell your old electronics?

Friends and Family Members

For starters, you could try to sell your old electronics to friends and family members. Ask around your social circles to see if anyone is looking for a device like the one you’re trying to offload. If it’s a good fit for someone in your network, it could help them significantly. You’ll also get the benefit of a fast, hassle-free transaction – and possibly even a stronger relationship.

Electronic Buyback Platforms

One of your best options for selling your old electronics is on an electronic buyback platform. These organizations are dedicated to buying old electronic devices directly from consumers, so they can eventually refurbish, resell, and/or recycle them.

For example:

  •         Gizmogo. One of the top electronic buyback platforms available, Gizmogo works fast and makes compelling financial offers. Whatever model you have and whatever condition it’s in, Gizmogo will make you a straightforward offer – and you can walk away with cash within one business day. Shipping is also free.
  •         SellCell. SellCell is another convenient alternative that’s been in operation since 2008. It’s also a convenient place to shop for refurbished and pre-owned phones if you’re in the market for a new device as well.
  •         Decluttr. Through Decluttr, you can sell an individual device or sell several devices in bulk. It’s well reviewed by customers and is relatively easy to use.


Alternatively, you could try to sell or trade in your device with your original manufacturer. You can often participate in these programs directly through the company websites, or through a retail location.

  •         Apple. Apple’s trade-in program can hook you up with store credit or an Apple gift card in exchange for your old iPhones, iPads, and other devices.
  •         Google. Google has a similar program, in which you can trade in an old device within 30 days of upgrading.
  •         Microsoft. Microsoft offers a trade-in and recycling program designed to make it as quick and painless as possible to get rid of your old Microsoft devices.

General Platforms

You can also list the product for sale yourself, using one of several different third-party listing platforms. There are some advantages to this approach, since you can have full control over the listing and potentially fetch a higher sale price. But you’ll also have to deal with fees and shipping; you’ll also need to take extra care to ensure your device is totally wiped before shipping out.

These are some of the most popular options:

  •         Amazon. Amazon makes it easy to list, but you’ll face a lot of competition, making it hard to get found.
  •         eBay. eBay’s bidding system helps you get the best price for your device but managing your listing and dealing with fees can be a headache.
  •         Craigslist. Craigslist and other classified ad sites help you connect to people directly, but you won’t have the protections in place that you’d find from Amazon and eBay.
  •         Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is a newer option that makes it convenient to sell to friendly locals.

Factors to Consider

When deciding which platform or organization to choose, keep the following in mind:

  •         Brand reputation. Does this brand have a good reputation? Has it had lots of customers in the past? What are the reviews like? Watch out for scams here.
  •         Prices/offers. What could you get for your device? Try to get a quote from multiple different websites so you can compare offers directly and make the best decision.
  •         Number of users. If you’re selling your device on a listing platform, pay attention to its traffic and number of users; the more, the better.
  •         Convenience and accessibility. Is it easy and convenient to list your device? Is shipping free and painless? You don’t want to spend too much time on this endeavor.
  •         Speed of transaction. How quickly will it take to sell the phone? When will you receive the money?
  •         Security and privacy. Does this company have measures in place to wipe your device of personal data and protect your security and privacy?

It’s easier than ever to sell your old electronics, even if they’re not in great shape. Within minutes of browsing, you could get a cash offer from an electronics buyback platform – or work out a deal with your Uncle Fred with a simple conversation. With the extra money, you can look forward to your next electronic purchase, or treat yourself to something else you enjoy. It’s up to you!