A countless number of smartphone models are being released each year. Mobile companies are striving to create something new and innovative that will attract consumers to upgrade their devices. Statistics showed that in 2019 alone, 1.52 billion smartphone units were sold worldwide and this number is expected to increase in the coming years.

Recent releases of smartphones were noticed to follow a trend when it comes to design. They have become thinner and minimalistic giving that sleek elegant look. It seems that their goal is to tickle everyone’s taste — coming up with styles that attract the majority of users. However, this doesn’t stop consumers from slapping on their favourite phone case onto their devices.

With the increasing number of mobile devices out in the market, so is the number of phone cases that are being produced. From the most basic to the most innovative, there is a phone case that will suit your style. Most users choose their phone case based on protection, functionality, and, of course, design. See how the type of phone case you are using for your phone say something about your taste, style, and personality.

  • Plastic Case

Plastic phone cases are the most basic type of cases there is. It is also considered to be the cheapest, however, you cannot expect full protection for your device. What makes plastic cases stand out is that they can come in any design imaginable. If you want to interchange your phone case every day to suit your ‘outfit of the day’ then these are for you.

  • Folio Case

Folio cases, also known as a wallet or flip case, have slits and pockets where you can insert your cards and some cash. These are used by people who hate the inconvenience of having to bring a phone and a wallet on at the same time. Folio cases are made to save some space.

  • Transparent Silicon Case

People who use silicon cases often hates the bulk that hard cases give but still want that average protection for their phone. At the same time, the clear or transparent case let you showcase the original look of your phone while keeping it protected from scratches.

  • Battery Case

Battery cases are for people who are always on their phone and the go. Due to the convenience of these cases that double up as a portable charger, it’s like your phone has double its battery life.

  • Wooden Case

Smartphone users who are also environmentally conscious choose wooden cases to be more eco-friendly. It is made of renewable resources and does not undergo the same destructive process as plastic.

  • Rugged Case

Rugged cases were the hype for some time because they have been proven to give the best protection. However, they are bulkier and heavier than the basic ones. Rugged phone cases are the first choice of the users who loves to travel and tend to bring their phones during the adventures.

  • Custom-Designed Case  

If you want that personal touch on your phone case then you should have it customized. Some shops let you send your own design or add your texts which gives the item more sentimental value. You can add in some of your photos, quotes, or even your name.

  • Neon Sand Case

One of the most popular phone cases recently is neon sand cases. They have neon-coloured sand that has liquid consistency on the back cover. Whenever you move your phone upside down, the liquid flows with which makes it so satisfying to watch. People who love unique and fun cases go for neon sand cases as they can be quite interesting and interactive.

  • Gameboy Case

Speaking of interactive, nothing is more entertaining than a phone case that is also a Gameboy. It brings you back to your earlier years where you spend hours playing your Gameboy at home.

These are only a portion of the hundred designs of phone cases available in the market. At the end of the day, phone cases satisfy the need for a smartphone user to personalize and give protection to his or her device. It’s like clothing a smartphone.

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