Although library management wasn’t always considered to be of paramount importance, it has now been established that the fluency of engineering design is greatly improved by-proper component library management. On the flipside of things, ill managed, intelligent data,schematic symbols and footprints can lead to delays and consequent loss of productivity.

What Exactly is Component Library Management?

It’s a complex and time-consuming process, but the definition is certainly not that complex. All components of a library management system can be defined as the complete maintenance procedure involved in keeping the existing parts libraries properly marked and adequately updated, in addition to creating new sections for accommodating new parts, as and when they are developed by the engineers. It’s a time-consuming, essential process for more reasons than one, which we will discuss next.

What is Intelligent Data?

Intelligent data related to a particular component is every bit of necessary information associated with it. If all components of a library management system are properly maintained, finding the intelligent data should not be a problem, but that is not always what happens.

Why Library Management Isn’t a Big Issue for Larger Corporations

The answer to this is quite simple, and it can be related to almost any other question that compares big corporations with smaller ones; bigger companies just have more resources at their disposal, which they use effectively!

Ever since the aforementioned impact of parts library management on engineering productivity has been realized in the industry, all the bigger enterprises have hired their own library management personnel to handle all the components of a library management system. They have the resources to do that, unlike smaller manufacturers and PCB designers.

How the Lack of a Dedicated Library Management System Affects Smaller Companies

As SMEs often do not have the resources to take the same approach as their larger counterparts, engineering production flow can suffer tremendously.

Increased workload leads to decreased accuracy, not to mention that engineers are wasting time in doing things which don’t require their professional skills. It’s a real problem, but there are now viable solutions to that problem as well.

How Smaller Tech Companies Can Solve their Library Management Issues

The solution to this lies in external services like Upverter, which offer all components of a library management system,such as easy and quick part creation, creation of private libraries from their vast but accurately marked system, and easily accessible, intelligent data on the update history of every component. The idea is to take the time-consuming part out of library management, so that smaller organizations can focus more on the actual productivity with their limited resources.

There’s anothervery important reason why proper library management is so important. Intelligent data, schematic symbols, footprints, etc. are all essential to create the bill of materials (BOM). The BOM is mostly an automated procedure these days, but the software can only automate the process, if the library can supply it with all the data it needs to generate an accurate bill of materials.