The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a protocol owned by Microsoft. It is used for working on a desktop computer remotely. RDP is the most commonly used protocol used by Remote desktop software. An RDP software leverages the Internet to allow one machine (client) to remotely access and control another machine (server).

Remote desktop connects you to a faraway desktop computer for using it from a separate computer. Remote desktop users can access their desktop, open and edit files, and use applications as if they were actually sitting at their desktop computer

The main functionality of an RDP software is to transmit the screen from the remote server to the client while the client sends the inputs through mouse or keyboard to the remote server. You can buy rdp from several providers.

RDP software works as a system where a user can connect to and use a specific remote host from anywhere, anytime. The most common example is accessing your work computer from a PC, laptop, or tablet at home, enabling you to access available resources and do everything you usually would do at work.

RDP is different from cloud computing. In cloud computing, users access files and applications that are stored in the cloud servers. In contrast, when using remote desktop software, users are actually accessing their physical desktop computer, and can only use files and applications saved locally on that desktop.

Top use cases of RDP:

  1. You can create a high resource system with the help of RDP at cheap price. All you need is to access the high performance CPU with the help of RDP software and get your work done without actually buying a high configuration PC.
  2. Employees can work on organization servers from their homes using an RDP software.
  3. You can make the monitor-less/headless system to work using an RDP software remotely.

Apart from pros, there are some cons of the RDP also. When accessing a system via RDP, clients can experience lags due to slow internet connection. RDP requires fast internet connectivity to work flawlessly, so in order to make RDP work, you will need to arrange a high speed internet.