Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a tool, a process and even a strategy which is directly responsible for the unpaid online visibility of a webpage. Search engines provide a fair play game to reach the top of search and recommendations results for all webpages. With time SEO has evolved from just keywords. Various techniques for SEOhave developed since the rise in online competition. Keywords have given birth to key-phrases, back-links have assisted small pages to go huge.

The generic SEO service in India used earlier were keyword oriented. Now, there are much more factors involved in SEO. The basic ones include back-linking, understanding ‘user-metrics’.


Working on keywords and key-phrases is the on-site side of the SEO process. It involves the use of most frequently used words by the users.

  • To increase online visibility, webpages use keywords in their content.
  • Key-phrases are two or more words being considered as one by the Search Engine because the user’s queries are often in phrases than in an unrelated set of words.

For example, the user’s query is, “How to increase stamina for football.” In this case,many webpages can direct themselves who are related to increasing stamina and not just football.

  • The use of keyword checking tools is also a fundamental process in keyword selection.


These are links directed towards a webpage by other web sources. Back-linking is the off-site side of the SEO process. These determine a webpage’s rank on the Search Engine list.

  • A large number of back-links creates a better chance to gain wider visibility.
  • However, quality over quantity matters here too. The web sources that link to the webpage should be influential; have at least a decent online presence with optimum visitors.
  • The law of back-links is to link web sources that are similar to the web content of one’s page; links of relatable content are preferred.
  • Articles and blogs are a few sources of creating credible and visible back-links.

Understanding User Metrics: Another criterion that the search engines use to evaluate webpage rankings is the user metrics. User metrics are a set of statistics that justify a webpage’s rank, which makes it mandatory to be understood.

  • The search engines identify the number of users.
  • Time spent by the users and revisits is also observed.
  • It also identifies an accidental click to a webpage.
  • It even rates a webpage’s load time.

Other Techniques

Other techniques involve:-

  • Voice optimization concerning both- the reception and keywords.
  • Republishing old content. Adding the current trending keywords to old content is a great way to increase visibility and presence.

These are a few fundamental SEO service in India. SEO is inventing and revolving round the clock. It has become a basis for digital marketing as a whole and understanding SEO is mandatory for anyone who needs online visibility. Bloggers, businesses, the government itself the United Nations, Facebook, Apple, security agencies are all paying great attention to this tool in hand.In the coming times, when online competition grows even tight, several other techniques will emerge, and the never-ending quest to learn and implement will continue.