Bingo has been a wildly popular game across the world for at least the last century, with its roots actually going all the way back to an Italian lottery-style competition called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. Before the 20th century, it was played under various names and for various reasons, however after Erwin S. Lowe devised the first universally applicable scorecards it had a dramatic increase in popularity.

But what is the trick to winning online bingo? Read on to find out!

Bingo: A quick history

Bingo has an extremely interesting history, and one that takes us all across the world. As a result we thought we’d do a quick brief on the history of bingo, it is always worth knowing, especially if you’re aiming to become a bingo pro. The bingo story is widely recognised to have started with the Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia in 1530, before being refined in France under the name Le Lotto in the late 18th century. 

After this bingo came to be used extensively in German schools throughout the 1800s, one of the reasons why bingo is still played so much in schools today. As we said in our introduction, an American entrepreneur called Erwin S. Lowe was responsible the commercialisation of bingo in the early 20th century, devising its name and also the universally accepted scorecards. 

Top tips to win at bingo

Okay, so that is a brief whistle-stop tour of the history of bingo out of the way, so now it is time to look at some top tips to make sure you are winning at bingo as much as you possibly can. Take a look at a few of these top tips to win at bingo:

  •       Buy lots of scorecards: One of the easiest ways to increase your chances of winning at bingo is simply to buy lots of bingo scorecards. The more you have the more likely you are to be able to cross off some winning numbers, however it is also important to make sure you are able to keep track of all the different scorecards you have.
  •       Play at less busy times: Another way in which you can quite easily increase the odds of being able to win at bingo is by playing at less busy times. Whilst this will typically result in smaller jackpot prizes, the probability of actually winning is increased due to the reduced amount of competition.
  •       Pick your scorecards tactically: If you are able too it is always worth choosing your scorecards with some tactical thought. For example, when picking your scorecards try and make sure that you don’t have the same number twice anywhere. It is also recommended to choose a scorecard with a nice blend of odds/evens and highs/lows.

Online bingo vs. land-based bingo: Which is the best to play?

These days there are two main types of bingo that can be played: online bingo and land-based bingo. Making the decision on which to play is purely subjective, however for practical purposes online bingo can be better. On the other side, however, if you want the most authentic experience possible it’s all about land-based bingo.