The world is increasingly going digital and this is the reality in many industries. As a result, thriving in the business world requires that you understand how to make the most of technological advancement.

One of the technological developments in the last few years that have shaped businesses is the use of mobile apps. For instance, you can sit right in the comfort of your home and order meals from food vendors using mobile apps.

The use of mobile applications is a convenient way to go about so many things as it relates to business operations and daily living at large. However, these digital applications must meet certain standards to be considered good enough.

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In this article, we will take a look at the mobile application that allows users to enjoy IBM’s Asset Performance Management tool – Maximo.

We strongly suggest that every business owner and stakeholder keep reading. This is considering the benefits of effectively managing your various business assets and doing so using mobile Maximo products.

What Is Maximo?

Maximo is a household name when it comes to APM software for high-efficiency asset management performance.

This is why several third-party companies partner with this APM tool maker to deliver top-notch service to users in various industries and parts of the world. The invention of the mobile Maximo (in its entirety) was born out of such partnership.

Using a third-party solution provider to make the most of this APM tool is a great decision. However, it is strongly advised that the company has a good standing with IBM as an Asset Performance Management brand.

One of the ways to make sure of this is by checking the ranking by IBM. The solution provider that you should deal with should have a gold rating by the APM product manufacturer; this is non-negotiable.

About Mobile Maximo

Frankly, making the most of any APM tool in this day and age requires that you get real-time information regardless of where you are. One of the ways to go about this is making use of your phone.

This is only possible with the mobile Maximo tool as it allows you to keep track of your assets regardless of where you are. This is even though some mobile products require network connectivity to perform optimally.

IBM is the company behind the production and upgrade of this mobile APM tool and they have come up with some mobile products to meet the demands of various industries. Some of these products are:

  • Maximo Anywhere
  • Maximo Everyplace
  • Maximo Work Centers


One of the highlights of this product is that it can function in disconnected and connected environments. So, the problem associated with lack of network connectivity is avoided with this one.

If you use this product while you are offline, you will be able to carry out essential operational tasks. However, your connectivity to the server and synchronization of data in real-time will be affected. But this will be addressed the moment you are connected.

Furthermore, using the anywhere option will allow users to access some features that are role-based and able to work even while you are on the move. Some of the applications are useful in the area of work, inventory, as well as asset management.

You can engage this product both on android and iOS devices. This is because it can be downloaded via Google Play Store as well as Apple Play Store.


This is one of the longstanding mobile APM tools from IBM. It has been actively engaged for slightly over a decade and is an industry solution for many users. With this product, the tracking of work orders can be conveniently done with a mobile device.

However, we like to think that this option is not as flexible as the anywhere option. One of the reasons for this thought is its inability to function without connectivity to the required server.

But just like the anywhere option, the applications of this product can be engaged on various gadgets. Examples include iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, and Android devices. The great thing is that no special installation has to be carried out.

Work Centers

Many people mistake the work center option for the anywhere option. This is because of the several similarities that they share.

However, a major difference between both options is connectivity. As explained earlier, the anywhere option can operate without network connectivity. It will only mean that data will not be synchronized to the server. However, things are different with the work center option. For one, connectivity is very important.

One of the advantages of using this option is keeping it simple with your APM tasks. For instance, rather than seeing multiple applications open, you can complete tasks and get real-time information from the system data. For more on this subject, you can check here.


For the record, you do not have to get stuck using only one of these mobile products. You can engage more than one depending on your industry needs.

We have discussed the three major mobile Maximo products that you can benefit from and hope that you make the right choice amongst the options.