Samsung Galaxy s5

Samsung has launched its next flagship Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 was launched yesterday at an unpacked event at MWC. The event was packed to full houses, everybody expected new features from Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung is always known for copy paste, Samsung just copies the features and packs into their device, same has happened with Galaxy S5. Many people expected massive spec sheet for Galaxy S5 but what Samsung gave us with Galaxy S5? Nothing literally Nothing. Samsung disappoints in every aspect. Many leaks before the launch had already spoiled the party. Even photos of Samsung Galaxy S5 was leaked hours before the launch. The expected spec sheet was also leaked by many analysts, but gave lower than expected spec sheet.

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In this way people trolled Samsung on social networking sites:

Galaxy S5 compared to band aid

Many people who owns Samsung Device complaints about the cheap plastic body. It was rumored that Samsung is planning to launch metal chassis for galaxy S5, but Samsung used dotted back which more looks like original nexus device. People compared the new design band-aid. The above image goes viral on social networking sites. Doesn’t both band-aid and galaxy S5 look like same. The waterproof body is also nothing new, Sony is using waterproof body since years. And they have beautiful design and they are not using shitty dotted design for making device waterproof.

The specification of device is almost same as Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 is just 0.1 inch bigger than S4, it uses same Quad core processor and RAM is also Kept same to 2 GB. The Display is also same FHD 1080p display which was used in Galaxy S4. So from the specification point of view Samsung hasn’t provided anything new.

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The fingerprint sensor used is also copied from iPhone 5s, also the fingerprint sensor isn’t very sophisticated. Users has to swipe vertically, The verge says we found it to be quite unreliable and virtually impossible to activate when holding the phone in one hand. So this is gimmick feature by Samsung. Samsung has added fingerprint sensor just to stand in the competition, they haven’t tested it thoroughly before launching it, while apple is always known for perfection.

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The heart rate monitor feature is very less useful as not many people use this feature to measure the heart rate. This feature is more capable when paired with Galaxy Gear Fit Device.

We didn’t liked the Samsung Galaxy S5 much. If you already own Galaxy S4 or even Galaxy S3 you don’t have any good reason to upgrade. We think Galaxy Note 3 is best device from Samsung, its design and features are great.

Do you like Samsung Galaxy S5?