WhatsAppPopular Instant Messaging service, WhatsApp, recently added a new feature in which it informs the sender that the receipt had read the message. But not everyone was happy with the feature.

Earlier WhatsApp used to show only double grey tick marks which indicates that the message has been delivered. Now Whatsapp has started informing sender that user has read the message. WhatsApp now shows double blue tick marks which confirms that receipt has read the message.

This is a handy feature but it didn’t go well with many people as it violates the privacy. Moreover, WhatsApp had not added any option to disable the ‘Read Receipts‘ Double blue check marks feature.

But Now, WhatsApp has finally added the option to disable double blue tick marks confirmation in Whatsapp. WhatsApp has added the Read Receipts disable option in beta version for Android.

WhatsApp has released WhatsApp 2.11.444,  a new version of its Android client on its website which comes with the option to diable read receipts on Android device.

How to disable Whatsapp Double blue check marks read receipts on Android device:

The steps are very simple, just download latest WhatsApp 2.11.444 version from WhatsApp website. Then head over to privacy settings and disable Read Receipts check box.

You can disable read receipts on Whatsapp v2.11.44 or later, the update is currently not available on Google Play Store so download the latest version from WhatsApp website only. The update will be released on Google play store at a later date.

Whatsapp disable double blue check marksAs you can see in the image above, if you turn off read receipts then you won’t be able to see read receipts from other people also. Moreover Read Receipts will be always sent for group chats means you can’t disable read receipts for Whatsapp group chats.

So with the new version of Whatsapp, you can disable read receipts on an Android device. If you use an iPhone and want to disable read receipts then you need to wait till Whatsapp releases a new version on Apple Store.

But if you don’t want to wait and want to disable WhatsApp read receipts earlier then wait till tomorrow as we will share the trick to disable read receipts instantly. So stay tuned for the trick.