WhatsApp has added a new feature on its Android and iOS apps. The company has added Quote reply feature on iPhone and Android devices. The feature is available on latest version of iOS and beta version of Android.

WhatsApp Quote ReplyYou don’t need to update your iOS app, Quoted reply feature is enabled from server side. On Android, the you need to install latest beta version to get the Quote reply feature.

To Quote any message on WhatsApp, simply select the message and select reply option. Once the reply option is selected, write your message and the message will be quoted. See in the image above to know more.

The feature works as expected, it is a good feature for groups. Sometimes in Whatsapp group chat, we need to reply to certain messages, then quote reply feature will come handy.

WhatsApp Quote reply feature is now available for iPhone (iOS) and Android devices. Just update your app to get new feature.