WhatsApp has added an extra layer of security for Android devices. The instant messaging application had launched the TouchID and FaceID unlock feature for Apple iPhone earlier this year and now the Fingerprint unlock is added to Android build as well.

Whatsapp Fingerprint Unlock

The company has been testing the new feature on Android for quite some time now. It was released under beta version few months back and after testing is thoroughly, WhatsApp has released the Fingerprint unlock feature globally for all users.

Enabling the Fingerprint unlock feature on WhatsApp will help you in protecting your chats from unknown people. Until now people used third party apps to lock the WhatsApp chats but with the official solution, customers can remove the third party apps to protect WhatsApp data.

How to Enable Fingerprint unlock in WhatsApp on Android:

  • Open WhatsApp setting which can be accessed by clicking on three dots on the top right corner in Whatssapp.
  • Head over to Account then click on Privacy.
  • Click on Unlock With Fingerprint to enable the feature
  • You can also change the time after which the app will be locked

WhatsApp provides three lock times. You can choose ‘Immediately’ for locking the app instantly. If you want the WhatsApp to lock the app after 1 Minute or 30 Minutes then you can select respective setting.

You can also choose to hide the content in notifications when the Fingerprint Unlock is enabled. This will ensure that the messages are not shown in the notifications while the app is itself locked.

If you are a WhatsApp user on Android then you can enable the Fingerprint unlock using the above steps.