Whatsapp Material Design

Popular instant messaging app, Whatsapp has updated its Android client with whole new Material design. Google introduced the Material Design with Android Lollipop in October last year.

Whatsapp has not released the update with Material Design on the Google Play Store. The update can be installed from Whatsapp official update. The Material Design makeover is still in the beta stage and will take some time to reach the final version.

With the Material design, Whatsapp now comes with new rounded icons and animations. There are three menus on the main screen – Calls, Chats and Contacts.

The update also shows bigger profile picture. On clicking the image of a user, half of the screen now shows profile photo and rest of the screen shows other information like status, groups etc.

You can get the WhatsApp with Material Design UI from the official website. The update might hit on the Google Play store soon. The latest version of Whatsapp is v2.12.58 which comes with Material Design and other new features.