Facebook owned Instant messaging App, WhatsApp has added a new feature for its app on iPhone. The company now makes it easier to format the text with new formatting options introduced last year. If you are someone who like to change Profile photo then you check free collection of profile photosfree collection of profile photos.

Whatsapp introduced formatting options like Bold, Italics and strike-through last year across all platforms and now it has enhanced this feature. To make the text bold, you need to add ‘*’ before and after the text which needs to made Bold.

Same steps were required for making the italics and strikethrough on Whatsapp. You need to use ‘underscore(_) for making the text in italics format. And for striking the text, you need to add tilde(~) before and after text manually.

WhatsApp iPhone formattingNow with the latest update on iPhone, WhatsApp now automatically adds the required symbol. All you have to do is type the text and select the text which you want to format and the app will do the rest.

After selecting the text, you will see new formatting icon having BIU written on it. There will be usual options like Cut, Copy and Lookup. To format the text on WhatsApp for iPhone, select the formatting option.

Once you have selected formatting BIU icon, it will show options like Bold, Italics, and Strikethough. Now select the type of format you want to apply on your text and WhatsApp on iOS will automatically add the required symbol before and after the text.

This new feature is added on WhatsApp for iPhone in latest update. The same functionality is available on WhatsApp for Android since last month. The process on the Android app remains same, you have to select three dots to see more options.

To get the new feature on your WhatsApp for iPhone, download the app for free from Apple App Store. The app is also available for Android from Google Play Store.