WhatsApp Multiple Group leaveWhatsApp is on a roll these days. Ever since the company launched the public beta program, The instant messaging app is adding new features in every major release.

Earlier the company added new formatting options, you can add Bold, Italic and strike-through text in Whatsapp messages. Before that the company had added Document sharing feature.

Now whatsapp has added another nifty feature with its latest beta release. Earlier you can mute or leave group one at a time. But now you can select multiple chats and groups and take action on them.

WhatsApp now allows to mute or leave selected group at once. You can also mute or delete multiple personal chats at once. To do this, just select the chats or groups from the chats tab.

To select the chat, long press on the group or chat icon. Once the selected, tick mark will be shown for the selected chat. Now you can select another group or chat from the Chats tab on WhatsApp.

As you can see in the image above, once the chats or groups are selected, you can mute, delete or leave groups using the options above chats. This is nice addition as deleting or leaving multiple groups is not easy.

We are using the latest beta version 2.16.7. The latest beta version of Whatsapp can be downloaded from Play store for free.