nokia x
Nokia during MWC unveiled its first ever Android series, Nokia X. It was launched in India in March. But the phone doesn’t runs on Android completely. It basically runs on forked version of Android. Nokia has mixed up Microsoft services with Android, moreover the phone doesn’t have Google Play Store.

We have come many tutorials to root Nokia X and Nokia XL. Earlier we have shared a tutorial to install Whatsapp on Nokia X and Nokia XL but Whatsapp Plus was not compatible with Nokia X family. Now Whatsapp Plus has added the Nokia X compatibility in the latest update.

Steps to install WhatsApp Plus on Nokia X and Nokia XL

  • Remove any previous version of Whatsapp(if installed)
  • Download WhatsApp plus from here.
  • If you have not allowed installation from other sources then enable it.
  • Install Whatsapp Plus.
  • After installing it, complete the procedure on WhatsApp Plus.
  • Now you have Whatspp in you Nokia X.

In this way you can install whatsapp on Nokia X and Nokia XL. You have to open Whatsapp Plus to access WhatsApp chats and contacts.

So have you managed to install WhatsApp on Nokia X? Do tell us in comments. If you have issues then tell us in comments.

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